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If you truly want to stand out from the crowd you have to have an original design. There are to many designs that run on cookie cutter templates that most of the time look terrible. I have really noticed this when it comes to IM websites they are pretty much all the same. If you have a unique original design with good typography and good unique content you will stand out.
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    Yes, indeed! I second to that. Too often, we have seen too many sites with the same style and images. Eg. US$ notes flying in the air, big cars and houses on eCovers and headers! And footers that mirrors too much. Oh, please. Give us a break.

    There is absolutely no creativity in these packaging of these products. Don't u think innovative products with really decent good packaging design (willing to pay more to designers) will sell better than cheap ecover designs (trying to get away with own design or cheap design cover offers)?

    Food for thought. Just 2-cents comment and obeservation.
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    I agree with both above post, I have been on this forum for a minute and I have to say that most ecovers designs look poorly designed and unprofessional. Its like anyone will buy anything if the price looks good (dirt cheap). I am not trying to offend anyone but this is how I see it. There is no creativity, there is nothing special or unique about some of the these graphics, I feel that most of the time there are rushed jobs, most stock photos are OUT DATED and Irrelevant to the product, and may only take about 10-20 minutes to do. Now how is that standing out and why would anyone pay for that?

    To the graphic designers if you feel you work is worth more then charge more because there is no way in the WORLD I will sell anything under $50 if my work shows great value. Now don't get me wrong I not trying to say jack up your prices so no one can afford it, but I do believe in the saying " You get what you paid for"
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    I think beginning with a really professional template is great - but only if you modify the design. There are so many cheap and good looking templates nowadays. But if don't mod it, there's a chance someone else will come with a site looking just the same...
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