Can this even be done in HTML/web design?

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I'm sure it could. But I can't figure it out. Of course, I do NOT do web stuff or code or whatever beyond guesswork and trial and error.

So with that in mind, is it even possible to do this (image below) in Frontpage 2003? I want to add the doodle "as is" without changing too much if at all.

So how to get these images to show up in/on the right place for a guy like me that doesn't know too much about web design (but maybe enough?)? Is it "easy" to explain? Is something best suited for a web guy?

Thank you!!


Obviously the arrows, underline (that one seems particularly tricky) and the "note" in the image below.
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    It most certainly is possible.

    While the sensible person might leave it at that, with a crumb of a clue for you to get on the right track, I decided to take a few hours to create a full-fledged tutorial on the topic.

    CSS Highlight and Underline Effects

    That covers the underlining, specifically, but doesn't mention the margin doodles. The technique is very similar except the CSS positioning would be different. Perhaps I'll do a follow up tutorial detailing margin notes, but not today!

    Hope that helps, Nathan.

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    In FrontPage, select the image then right-click, choose Format Picture, then choose text wrap "square" aligned "left" (or right, depending on where you want it to show up). You may have to resize the image manually to get it to display properly, but that should do the trick.

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    I would make the notes in photoshop then save the image for web. It might take a bit of creativity to position some of the doodles, but with a little bit of hunting, you'll get it.

    HTML Images

    message me if you'd like help.

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    Thank you folks so much. I really appreciate it!

    (RJP - I'm checking out your tutorial now.... )
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    Yes like RJP says, using negative padding or positiong with CSS should do the trick.

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