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hi, I'm having a mental breakdown day! I've done this several times before but for some reason am doing something seriously wrong today and can't get my pages up and working.

I have a main domain and utilize subdomains

so I would do etc

the etc part is where I'm having problems. I want to make a folder with a combo of letters-numbers for my download pages then inside that folder the name of the product.

if I have folder xyz123 as the download folder then dogtraining product download html page... do I make a directory folder xyz123 then inside that just put the html named dogtraining.html or... do I need a new dotgraining sub folder and then the download page be index.html

the end result I'm looking for is a set up like:


can someone help me determine the structure setup here please? I would think this could be cookie cutter but ... apparently I've forgotten something important as I've tried all sorts of variations and the pages get a 404 error.

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    I'm not really sure what you're asking... but if you want

    Then you would create a folder called 4kjfhgie and then another folder called downloadpage1 and inside that folder is index.html

    Not sure if this is what you're asking but hope this helps.
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    I'm also not exactly sure what you're asking here - and I think you've confused the term "subdomain" with "subdirectory". But thats just semantics.

    I'll assume that you've got an FTP client and a working account and have found the root of your website, which is usually either a folder with the domain name or one called "public_html' (depending upon your host).

    Create a new directory named "subdomain" (or whatever you want to call it). Now within that directory create one called "4kjfhgie". And inside that create your "download1", "download2" etc directories.

    Within each of the download directories you could place an "index.html" file, with links to your actual downloads.

    If I understand your question correctly then that should do it.

    And not to confuse things, you probably also want to adjust your robots.txt file (or create one if you don't already have one) to keep search engines from indexing your download directories.

    I hope thats of some help.

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      thanks to both of you, I appreciate the feedback.

      yes, it seems that you're both telling me the same thing- which is how I thought it was done... and how I've done it before. I must just be copying something incorrectly or doing one little thing that is throwing it off.

      and yes, I meant subdirectory. oops.

      Thank you for the reminder about the robot tags - I had forgotten to put those on my page.

      I think I'll delete all I ftp'd earlier and just try it again. Something isn't connecting correctly.

      again, I appreciate your input!
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