Anyone Else Loving Dreamweaver CS4 ?

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Pretty straight forward, I am still just shocked at how much better the UI is today vs even CS3

Live preview and everything else has just rocketed my workflow, especially with the CSS side by side.

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    When did it come out? I gotta get my hands on this I'm still using notepad.
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    Me! I'm loving it. Yes, the live preview and CSS works best for me as web graphic designer
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      I loved it for about 30 days, or whatever the free trial was. Super great program but too expensive for me.

      Still watching ebay for a deal.


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    I have CS3, and from the reviews on CS4, I can't wait to upgrade. Until then, I am very happy with CS3
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    Had it a little while. Still haven't explored everything in it. Started with MX, then 8, now Cs4.

    It sure beats programing with a text editor back in the old DOS days.


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    Me too! Loving it for quite some time, I get most of my HTML done pretty quickly with Dreamweaver CS4. Although the price is high but it gets the job done.

    Unfortunately, it gets sluggish after using for some time and loading it up takes ages too. Oh well, PC needs an upgrade soon! Still running from an old 4 year old computer :S
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    I just got ahold of it. I can't wait to use it. I will be getting started on a new project in a couple of hours.
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  • yes it's so much better than CS3. CS5 is on it's way soon which will be leaps and bounds ahead of CS4
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    I have been using the tutorials on Adobe's site and they have been very helpful.
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    Yes - CS4 has been around for awhile. I will wait for CS5 to upgrade.... should be a good upgrade

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    Does anyone still use DW Studio 8?
    I'm still using it mostly cause I'm comfortable with it.
    Guess I'm a bit intimidated by CS4 - then again the Adobe customer service could be a lot better too.
    The cost is way out of my range also. I got the DW 8 as a bday
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    Yes! I loving Dreamweaver CS4. It is a helpful tool for website builder...
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    Many improvements in comparison to CS3, I like the custom workspace layouts and tons of other time-saving features as well as Live View. Very powerful customization features and expanded library support. It takes time to master the whole range of possibilities but the new CS4 serves equally well coders and designers.
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      I was excited about all the new features when i first upgraded, but found that its been a bit buggy as of late, so i went back to cs3.

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