Clearing a path for a new website - How to clear up the rubbish

by KenJ
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I have a domain that I have used to various ends to host some documents for download and an html website. There is also the remains of a wordpress blog that I never did anything with.

NOW I want to host a new wordpress blog on this domain. How can I clear out the debris? Is it just a matter of deleting it through ftp or is there a better way?

Thanks guys and girls

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    yes just delete the wordpress folder and folders which you don't want and all content inside
    also delete the MySQL of the blog...

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      I was hoping it would be that easy

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    Isn't the delete button nice?
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    Hi Kenj

    You might want to avoid deleting your CGI Bin folder if you have one, although if you do it isn't critical. As you had an old WordPress installation you may want to remove it's associated database as well, there is a function in your CPanel that can do that.

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