Online FTP versus Downloadable FTP

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I'm working on a borrowed computer right now and cannot do any downloading onto it. I have gotten some domains and I am ready to upload my Wordpress themes and other goodies.

I cannot download anything on this computer so I was thinking about online FTP services. I was hesitant to put in my personal information in because I don't have a clue who is running those sites.

Has anyone had any experience with online FTP programs or would it be safer for me to find another computer I can download Filezilla on?
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    I've never used an online FTP service like that. I would be a little hesitant myself. Have you tried using your browser instead?

    Doing the above will take you to the public folder. Look it up. I prefer using Internet Explorer when doing this.

    Hope that helps.
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    It's probably of no help to you now, but in future you might consider doing what I do and setup remote access (terminal services or Windows Remote Desktop) to your home computer and use the FTP utility you're familiar with. You'll need to open TCP port 1489 on your router to get the access, and using DynDNS is helpful, especially if your home setup uses DSL.

    Otherwise many hosts have a file manager which may be safer than trusting an online FTP service.

    In a pinch you can always use FTP at the Windows command line.

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