Is there a standard dimension for a web page?

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Hello friends

i wanted to know if there was a standard dimension for a web page?
i.e width and height

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    Hi Virtualmisc,
    I am sure you will get a wide variety of answers here. Going to wide would be my issue no one likes using the scroll bar to read (left to right). If you want to get a good idea of what your pages would look like with different screen sizes and different browsers checkout - note results can take up to 30 minutes but it is a good site to test your webpages in different browsers and screens sizes.

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      I tend to go with 650-700 pixels wide for my content table so that the line width is not too long. This seems to work well with all monitor sizes, too. I'm using a small one, and this size leaves a bit of space on each side to show off the background pattern.

      This shorter line width makes for easier reading.

      I used to set a percent instead of actual pixels, but discovered that my layouts went out of whack on larger monitors. A percent takes a percentage of the person's monitor, so it adjusts itself accordingly. Pixels are static, based on the number of pixels (dots) across the screen. On a large screen, it would look smaller than on a small screen, for example.

      And as the other person said, how your page displays will depend on the browser being used, too. Setting actual percent should not be affected, I wouldn't think.

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    Depends on the size monitor and screen resolution you are targeting.

    If you are building sites for high-tech engineers, they have larger monitors. If it's for low-income audiences or older pc's, they will have smaller screens like 15".

    If you don't know - an overall idea is to go with a page about 780 pixels wide. That gives you a little room for the "chrome" on a browser (the scroll bar, etc.) and will fit into an 800 pixel wide screen (e.g., 800X600 resolution).

    Many have 17" screens now, so folks often design with a 960 grid system.

    960 Grid System

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    I check my webstats to get an idea of what my particular users have. Seems like at least 80% are over 1024 resolution. They may not all have their browsers maximized though.


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