How do I change the link colour?

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I have installed a wordpress theme that I like but the hyperlink colour is a light green. I would like to change it to blue as most websites are this colour, how do I do this? Please keep it simple as I am not Wordpress savy.
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    Go to your Dashboard, on the left hand side you'll have a tab for Appearance, open it and go the Custom Colors. You'll then just have to go through the list and change the link colors using hex code.
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      Sorry but I don't have custom colours under the appearance options.
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        Okay must be a limitation to the theme you have.

        The only other way I know how to do it would be if you installed Wordpress onto your hosting company account and are running the site from there, not through or whatever it is (I don't know if it can be done there or not). You could then pull the appropriate CSS style sheet out, edit it, and then load it back onto your server. Save a copy of the one you pulled until you get things right.

        Usually the path to it is wordpress - wp-content - themes - your themes name - css. There might be more then one style sheet, you'll just have to search around.

        If it is not on your hosting company then I don't know if it can be edited. I've only used WP loaded onto my hosting.

        Hope this helps
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          Yes I can see the Stylesheet (style.css) but which part do I edit, sorry but I cannot see anything related to hyperlinks.
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    1) login to your ftp and backup style.css file in case you goof-up with something you can revert back the changes.
    2) now after creating a backup of style.css on your local PC you can proceed to edit the style.css on server.
    3) at the end of the file just add this.


    This should change the colors of the links. And if this doesn't help then there is problem with selectors and you can pay any designer 2-3$ to get it done.

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      Hi Desaturator,
      Thanks for the advice but it didn't work.
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    The "a" selector may be overruled farther down in the cascade. Open the css file, and look for anything that has a, a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active and change the color
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        Thank you to you all for your help.
        This is why I love the warrior forum, everyone is always so helpful.
        I came across this thread and have been using this theme for a few days, I really like it and its free to war room members. You can change everything in wordpress and the link colour. Take a look and let me know what you thing about it
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