Looking for someone to help create a one of a kind blog

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I want to create a wordpress blog that I can use several different ways to make money.

I don't know anything about programming or the tech stuff, but I do know what I want to acheive.

I know this might turn a lot of you off, but I would like to barder out the services for advertising your product or service on each page of the blog. And there will be a few.

If you're interested, please send an email or IM here or at ljthigpen@gmail.com

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  • Hi..

    I understand budget but it takes time to create blogs so you may not get a rousing response to your post.

    You basically have nothing to offer because your blog won't have any traffic there, not much interest to a designer who has a product to promote. As I designer, I could just create my own blog to advertise my own product.

    If your blog was high traffic then that would be a different story.

    Good luck though
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    Originally Posted by texasmom64 View Post

    I want to create a wordpress blog that I can use several different ways to make money.
    Maybe you could give a little description of what it is you need - you might be surprised at how little it would cost
    Hey want some
    Then check this out
    My Free Samples Page
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    I have sent you a mail. I think I can do what you are looking for. Waiting for your response.
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    Or you can just try other CMS which can be customized for what you are looking for. Wordpress it not the only blog and there are many which are easily customizable. In some CMS you don't even need to do any custom changes. It seems you need to create pages for each type of offer you will provide to make money?

    Try snews. I think it will suit you, just check its demo.
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    If you no nothing about programming or setting up a blog you can use many of the one click installers that come with webhosting these days to install the blog.

    If you use Lavabug: Professional Business Web Hosting there is a facility during the sign up process to choose a software product (blog, forum etc) and you can select Wordpress. When you finish signing up the wordpress blog will be automatically installed and set up for you.

    Then you can go search online for the many " free wordpress themes" that exist. You can change them, adapt them and install them with very little technical ability.

    In my opinion Wordpress is the easiest way to get a site up for someone just starting out. And the beauty of it is, you will own it outright. Use any of the free services such as blogger.com and wordpress.com and you might not be allowed to advertise on it.

    Hope this helps get you started.


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