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Hi, need your opinion on my site:
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    Dear, your site is opening. Please give me the exact URL of your website.
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      thanks, Healthycolontoday Dot com
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    The "Colon Anatomy" link on the left is blue and underlined and confused me why that looked like a link and maybe the others weren't - just make that consistent. Also in the footer, I would separate the links with a | instead of surrounding them with [ ]
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      1) Newsletter signup is too low. Needs to be higher, as in upper right. You could add a column in the "What is an inactive colon" and make it 2/3's of the page with Newsletter form as the final 1/3 of the width.
      2) When I go to Top Products - I want to see that product front and center in the middle of the page. It's below the fold. Move "Out Top Recommendation" to the top of the page. At this point you have a visitor interested in a product, so lose the text and show the product.
      3) The font under Colon Info doesn't match that of Top Products. Should be a san-serif font. Probably a css issue.
      4) Why is Colon Anatomy set with different style than others in that list. Check your css code for that entire section.

      And I really don't like looking at a guy on the toilet, but that's just me.

      BTW, how long has the site been up?
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      • Profile picture of the author blogginvixen and content aside (which I think are fine)...I took a look at your source code and upon first glance I think you should find a way to tighten things up. I see that you created your website with a WYSIWYG editor, but they aren't too friendly in terms of clean code.

        Also, in terms of SEO, you should really pay attention to your meta tags, in particular the description tags, unless of course you intended for your homepage description to read as: "Intestines & Digestion. Inactive colon, Atonic contipation. spastic colon. Diagnosis, symptoms..." (Its not too descriptive but appears to be either a combination of keywords, or possibly what was gathered from the beginning text on your homepage.)

        Lastly, a few of your other pages that seem to be targeting a specific keyword are actually lacking it in the description tag, URL and H1 tags, which is important.

        ...just my 2 pesos...
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        Thanks for your constructive critic, the sit is up since Feb2009 but this new look is up since Jan 07/2010
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    Originally Posted by clickone View Post

    Hi, need your opinion on my site:

    Kind Regards and many thanks to those who gave me their opinion
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    Use a bigger font size. Use 30 px padding on the sides.

    A lot of constipated people are older and don't see little
    fonts as well as you do.
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