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Our site is very basic and we are thinking about redoing the whole thing, let me know what you think. We think its boring and we can do alot better.

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    I would improve the header, add much more graphics and increase the letter size.

    Hope it helps.

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    Yes, I would redo the whole thing!

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    Hi there here's my 2 cents

    it looks quite 90s looking and a template
    change the graphics
    put in more headlines to break up the page, ie when people scan down the page certain points will stand out
    use bullets a bit more

    hope that helps

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    it really needs an improvement....make it more easy to navigate
    improve its menu, add images, sort it well
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      1) Put your navigation menu all on 1 line
      2) Get of the that red and black thing - I can't read half of the sentence on it. It's taking up valuable real estate above the fold. Use that real estate for content
      3) Remove blank right column or make it blog-like with article history, etc there.
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        It is lacking in any visual impact somewhat. On first visit to the site I'm not entirely aware of what you do.

        The site has a slapdash feel to it, once I have an idea of your services what is it that builds my trust in you compels me to contact you?...

        The content is right though - I would strip the design bare and start over by working on hierarchy of content and information - then wrap it beautifully. I know that sounds harsh, but sometimes a fresh start is what these things need.
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    Thanks for all the comments, we will be redoing it very soon.
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      A redo is definitely in order . . .

      Here are few things to consider as you begin your redesign efforts . . .
      1. What are you trying to accomplish with the site? When you are all done and have the perfect site, what are you expecting viewers to DO or GET from the site.
      2. Who is your audience? This has a big impact on design. You want your design to meet and exceed the expectations of those viewing it. You want to KEEP them on the page long enough to follow through to your call to action.
      3. What is your call to action? If you're wanting folks to order something, you're going to have POINT them straight to the ADD TO CART while motivating them to click on it.

      Looking forward to seeing the revised version.

      All the Best
      Theresa 8-)

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        Very nice Dialady, thank you for the post. We are great at our SEO service and need more people to see our skills and hopefully we can get more clients by having a great design.
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    content a bit of a pain to read IMHO
    looks a little out dated
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    Nice job. I really really like the background and the layout.
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