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Just updated my personal training site: Mike Cola Fitness. The goal of the site is to attract local personal training clients for in-home and private studio training.

Let me know what you think.

Best - Mike
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    nice website..
    in my opinion maybe you can more colour to make your website eye catching...
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    Like solvedriz said I would add some color. I think your site looks pretty good but it is a bit monotone. Maybe change the color of the navigation bar. Something about the image below the nav bar doesn't seem to fit the rest of the site. I would clean it up a bit and maybe mix some color photos in.

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    Andy has point about the image.

    I would put more clear, crisp and sharp good looking well fit people.

    it's good idea to mix in some diversity (especially for united states), maybe a black dude or asian chick. Good for your PR.

    Overall, I like your design and layout is very nice.

    Your business matters only to people that matter to your business[/U][/B] - Reach them?

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    Really nice looking website. Great color scheme, layout, choice of fonts, clean look. And I like the navigation tabs and breadcrumbs... definitely user friendly. And I like the fact that you have an opt in box on every page. Most small business owners just don't get that how important it is to collect contact information.

    From a marketing perspective, I have to ask what you what is the purpose of your website? of your landing page which is the home page?

    You have both phone numbers and the opt in box. Which do you want visitors to do?

    And I would offer something to get people to subscribe, a bribe of some value so they can check out what you have to offer. Can you create 4 or 5 videos on a particular workout that is popular? And offer these videos for free in exchange for contact info.... You need to give away something of value inorder to collect contact info. "Subscribe for Updates and Special offers" just isn't going to do it. Make a stronger call to action in exchange for this great free info from you.

    And I would make your offer much stronger on your home page. Here is your current content:

    Welcome to Mike Cola Fitness

    Westchester County, NY and Greenwich, Conneticut's Premier Choice for Private Studio and In-Home Personal Training.

    If you need help achieving your health and fitness goals, call today and take advantage of our limited special offer. Get 10% off your first block of ten personal training sessions.
    I realize that the "Westchester County, NY and Greenwich... " is for SEO, but it is where your offer should be. When I read it, I have to scroll down to read the whole page. You want everything to be above the fold.

    And when does your limited special offer end? You need to put a time limit on it... and then remove it when time is up!

    I would recommend making your headline stronger with a benefit and a call to action. Why do people want private and in-home personal training? Convenience - super busy, don't want to have to drive through traffic to a sweaty gym, embarrassed about current condition of the body, etc??

    So how about
    "Give Me 30 Days in the Safety and Convenience of Your Home, and Discover How Personal One-on-One Training Can Shave Weeks Off of Your Personal Fitness Goals. Guaranteed."
    Something like that followed by a strong call to action which should be to pick up the phone and call...

    Testimonials from existing and former clients are huge in this business. You have a navigation tab to testimonials. But I would sprinkle the testimonials throughout the website, so they are on every page, just like your opt in box. Maybe put a different testimonial above the optin box. There are scripts that can rotate content like testimonials so it isn't always the same.

    Anyway, awesome website. Your website designer did a good job. Now you need to put your marketing hat on and make it a traffic conversion machine.

    Good luck!

    Mike D.
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    • Thanks everyone.

      Made some Changes that miked suggested. Mike Cola Fitness

      Any Better?

      Best - Mike
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        I think your header should be coloured. Design is very good.
        But your description tag is very long. You should to shorten it.

        Wordpress Designer
        Skype: wordpress_alkan
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    Very nice website. Easy on the eyes, not too busy. It's great, the only thing I would change would be the banner image, maybe you can get a graphics designer to design you a nice clean banner for you.

    I like the navigation. I like that you added an opt-in form, very good. Yeah, color wouldn't hurt, but it's not that big of a deal.

    Good luck.
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      I like the general design. One problem I see is the header image taking up way too much space. This valuable real estate can be used to sell.

      I would take the left section of the header (the triple image) and the right side (the girl) combined into one image. Place it below the newsletter opt-in.

      Then your home page would look more like the about page, etc with no header image. I don't think it buys you anything.

      Replace "Welcome to Mike Cola Fitness" (we already know this) with a bold "benefit" statement and call to action:
      Lose x pounds and Feel Terrific in 30 Days! - CALL TODAY for Free Consultation

      Good luck.
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    That would be one of the best websites I've seen in recent times.

    Well done!

    I wouldn't change a thing (other than the typo below).

    People are suggesting more colour. Huh? The gray-scale / sepia images look terrific. There's a certain starkness about them that fits well with the concept of training, and 'toughening up'.

    Diversity? 'maybe a black dude or asian chick'? Give me a break. Seldom do I read such nonsense.

    OK, here's the typo: "Whether you are working with a personal trainer, nutritional counselor or message therapist, you can be assured that you are getting the best trained, most qualified professional who will motivate and guide you to a heightened state of health". I thought only politicians needed message therapists ...
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    I understood you but I think colour is important. This website is white-black and it can not exciting to us.
    Wordpress Designer
    Skype: wordpress_alkan
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    I like it. Do you know of a service that will train you on building a website over skype?
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    very nice site keep up
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    I like the design, but the image at the top of the homepage seems a little big. I'm thinking it might push the content "below the fold" for people with small monitors. Also, it might be effective to put your phone number in the header graphic, around where the RSS button is.

    edit: nevermind I just noticed that your phone number is in the sidebar on most of the pages. Good place to put it.
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    I really like the overall design (altho i am very much an apprentice at this stuff) - i like the "starkness" of the grey sepia style tones, i think it looks a little "different' from the sea of websites out there ...

    is it a wordpress theme, and if so, are you able to tell us which one it is ....

    or is it some thing that you have done yourself ...

    whichever one, i think it looks great ... well done

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    WordPress? Even a superficial look at the site should tell you the answer to that ...
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  • Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I’m thinking about putting in some more color.

    Best - Mike
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    That's a pity. I suspect most of the kiddies suggesting that have never seen a classic black and white movie, or attended a sepia / black and white gallery.
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      The website looks rather passive for a fitness website - more like an art gallery or photographic studio - lots of professional style but not enough emphasis on activity - no bustle, no buzz, no..sweat! I suspect the arty feel and cool colors are calming, which is why people are suggesting adding more color - it brings life, pace and action, which presumably, is what fitness is all about.


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    I very much like the layout and menu design. Great colors and nicely aligned! A+
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