Smaller navigation at bottom of wordpress for privacy/disclaimer/about

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Anyone know how or have an easy way of putting the small barely noticeable links/pages which connects to "privacy" or "disclaimer" or "contact"??

I want to put the privacy and disclaimer links in but not as part of my regular navigation pages...

Sorry if my question isn't clear, I know what I want but not sure of the terms to use to describe what I want exactly.

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    Look at your Widgets within WP; theres generally, depending on the theme, one for footers. You can then add your links, text, or whatever there.
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    Thanks, I used some code I found and put them in the footer on the openhook plugin
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      Or you could go into your WP theme folder whereever you have it saved, and then open the footer.php file, and then change the coding and upload it, which is pretty fast.

      ***I personally do not change my coding on my uploaded pages from my server account because its caused some issues in the past, I just keep a file of the theme and it contents, and just change what needs to be changed and upload the changed file when needed***

      Which would look something like this: WP file name - footer.php

      <div id="footer">
      <p> Copyright 2010 YourWebsiteName |<a href=https://www.domainnamedotcom/disclaimer.html> Disclaimer |</a> <a href=https://www.yourdomainnamedotcom/privacypolicy.html> Privacy Policy |</a>
      <a href=https://www.yourdomainnamedotcom/about.html> About</a></</p>
      <?php wp_footer(); ?>
      <!--[if lte IE 7]>
      <div id="ie_clear"></div>
      <!---Google analytics code goes between here-------->Google analytics Code Put Here or whater code you use!
      <!--- and here --->

      Then just uplaod the footer.php file to your WP theme folder on your hosting account.

      Viola you are done..........

      Hopefully I did not miss anything?
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