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Link: Concepts News
Please review design, ad placement and content...thanks
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    Hi Digital29

    It's a nice clean design!

    Here are a couple of things I would do.

    Split the articles better - the comment and 'read more' almost bleed into the title of the article below. Maybe bringing those elements together would help?

    Highlight the filter links at the top better - they are pretty useful and will at least give the user a degree of control. Make them more obvious filters of content.

    Make your logo bigger - right now its lost and feels part of the ad in the header. It will also add a little more weight to the site.

    Hope that helps!
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    I agree with CreativeEye. It is a clean design!
    I would change the filter links as well. For some reason my eyes go right to AdsbyGoogle. It's probably just me.
    However, Great site!
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    The Design is Very Good
    The advertisement is typical
    The content is very good
    The website load time is also really great!The site was loaded within a second.
    Overall a Nice Site
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    A simple but great design. But your read more and comment button should be in the post
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    I like it It looks very nice clean cut.
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    I like the site.. the color scheme works I'd second the response that you should take a look into separating the article excerpts just a little.. even if it's 1 line.
    I feel you need to also add an about us page that acts as a mission statement of some sort.
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    well its not too hard to setup a premade template these days for a clean look, but i'd have to say that currently the site seems to have nothing to pull the visitor in to content and will have a back button bounce rate that approaches 100%

    you have to be very careful with a setup like this, as its a very easy site for competitors to report to google spam as an seo anchor with no value...with all those blogroll links and the adsense block.
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    At first I thought it was an autoblog, because I've seen a lot of autoblogs that use a similar style template. But your content is unique. I like the design though, it's a very clean type of design.

    Does your website have a privacy policy?
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      I like it.

      the combination of white and blue are a good fit, looks just like the Israeli flag.
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    I do like the clean design, but as someone mentioned, it is easy to get the clean look with many templates these days.

    I also agree you need something to engage the end user. A tasteful flash block may provide some immediate place to look at before the user spots the google adwords block. Right now the first thing I see is the adwords block. You could have an image scroller or something that shows featured reviews/products or something like that.

    Also, IMO I would try to spruce up the footer a bit. I like it when the footer matches/mirrors or compliments the head somehow. With a header that fills the browser width you might want to experiment with ways to reflect this in the footer. I often put the social icons down there.

    Ben Swayne
    Lynx System Integrators Ltd.
    Ben Swayne's Blog | Barcode Scanners and Label Printers

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    Nice..good work , pretty clean and simple

    Thanks & Regards,
    Reach us at
    Web Design| Logo Design | Banner Design | Web Development | Mobile Applications [iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone]

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    I like the articles and pictures but I think your article will do best centered instead of the left side..then again this is just my opinion but it might be more visually appealing centered cool site
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    The site very stylish and the content is very useful. You done a great a job.
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    The only thing I see right off is the Logo needs to be bigger. Very clean.
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    nice design, it suits the content of your website.
    I'm now a follower !
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