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Hi there all,

It would be a real help if you could take a few minutes to review my website. Tumblestones | Tumbled Stones | Crystal Tumblestones | Quartz Tumblestones

It currently holds the No.1 spot in Google UK (and is on Page 1 in several other countries too) for the term "tumblestones" which Google tells me gets 4400 searches per month. We also hold Page 1 spots for about 15 of the internal product pages as well, on their relevant terms.

Thats the good news!

However, despite over 600 unique visitors so far this month, I have had no one buy my products!! I have a FREE guide on the Home Page but also have only had 10 takers for that too.

If you could tell me whats good and whats not that would be a real help.

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jonathon,

    First impression is that the site was built in the 1950's I don't mean any offence with that. It's just that it looks very old and stale.

    You need to move with the times and bring in some more freshness, web 2.0 or a spray of fabreeze

    You should offer more sense of urgency as to why people should have these stones or just make it clear what the stones are used for and what they can help 'us' with (if anything).

    Try and keep it professional and do not go down the crappy IM sales looking route.

    It's great to see you are offering a free report but you should test some headlines here.

    Try something like

    "Learn how the healing properties of tumblestones"

    "FREE report reveals XXXX about Tumblestones" try and give the user a reason to get that report.

    I think the image at the bottom is much more modern than the one up top. Switch them around.

    Loose the dated buttons and try to use a more web 2.0 button like: CSS3 Gradient Buttons

    Hope that helps, again I mean no offense by my first comment, just my opinion.

    Best wishes
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      Hi Johnathan,

      I complete agree with everything David has mentioned.

      I would highly suggest that re-consider your existing design. It's very old-school: from the fonts to the background color and buttons. A re-design is very much needed.

      In your web stats, I'd be interested to know what the Average time on Page figures are like. Is your bounce rate high? If you're using a good analytics tool such as Google Analytics you will be able to measure the above as well as other great stats, which will shed some light on your traffic behavior.

      You have lots of potential with this keyword but I highly recommend that you perform a complete re-design of your website or hire someone to do it for you.

      All the best.
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    Thanks to both of you for your comments - I did not take offence. I appreciate your thoughts.
    If anyone else wants to jump in please be my guest.

    Thanks again

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