Need some suggestions about Video Downloads or Hosting?

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I have a possible client looking to have something done by me and I am looking for some suggestions if possible. I have no problem with designing the pages but they want me to maybe host videos for them ect.....

Here is what they have asked if I can do, please feel free to comment and give suggestions to me.

1. A simple one page sales page - with a paypal link designed. Once the payment is made via the paypal button they want - a window that should send the purchaser to a page where 8 videos will be hosted to download.

2. The video's product page should only be displayed to
those who make payment. It can be a unique id and password or it
should be made available to only those who make payment.

Second option is

1. The one page sales page will give way to a video sales page - very
little text with a 10 minute video selling them with a paypal link.

2. Once payment made, they go to a video page where they can stream
the videos and see the product they bought.

The main thing is that the videos should not be viewable by everyone ONLYfor those who buy the product?

Can this be done?

How would I do the hosting for the videos and make them protected, either downloaded or hosted to view online?
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    I wouldn't host the vids yourself as its bandwidth intensive and can cause issues with your hosting provider unless they specifically offer video hosting. Best off using a provate supplier (or something even like a provate photpbucket account). youtube don;t offer private vids - and be careful if they are using it for commerical gain, as the 'free' providers have limitations for personal use only...

    You need a random link generator that links onto a page with the vids that is generated on the fly. Might be easier to use some form of membership software and wordpress so the posts/pages are only available to those who are a member.
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    For video hosting you have to use Amazon S3

    I use as they make using Amazon much easier.

    It works out about 16c per GB for bandwidth costs. Don't bother using anything else, just setup an Amazon S3 account and pay monthly for storage and hosting.

    Best wishes
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