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Anyone know what is the best php script to use when adding a password management system to a joomla based membership site is?

Software which manages all aspects of client passwords, sending them out to new customers dealing with members who have forgotten theirs?
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    The basic Joomla setup allows visitors to the site to login. You can set the Global Configuration settings in the admin area. Under "User Settings" you can set how much control you want to give registered guests.

    After setting the controls in the Global Configuration settings, you can set up a new module as a "user registration" module and place it wherever you want it. This way you can set up new articles that only registered guests can view.

    Also, many of the popular membership scripts can integrate with Joomla.
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    Check out Delavo (Delavo) and Nanacast (http://www.nanacast.com) and Amember (Membership software - aMember Pro).

    Delavo and Nanacast will integrate the best with Joomla.

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    I can't post links as my p-count is low..

    In the past I'vs used:
    Mighty Extensions - a google search will bring this up.

    Really good control and plays nicely with most other extensions.

    Takes care of the whole process for you - ACL - AEC - etc.

    Currently using:
    FLEXIcontent - a google search will bring this up.

    FlexiAccess - for the ACL
    FlexiContent - for CCK

    For the AEC:
    Valanx - a google search will bring this up.

    The first is a good software - just a little pricey "atleast for me" when your flipping membership sites..

    The latter is "IMO" a good solution at a very reasonable price!

    Best Of Luck.
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      Joomla's registration system will automatically email the new user their password.

      AEC is the paid membership component that all the "how to" ebooks out there recommend. I've used it before and it works well. It used to be entirely Open Source, now they have a very minimal "membership" fee required for download but it includes documentation. You just have to be careful when you're configuring it.

      There are other ones out there as well.
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