Can you build a membership site?

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Really need some help building one.

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    What are you looking for exactly? There are some great membership scripts on the market from simple membership sites that create MySpace replicas to Wordpress add-ons that only allow you to access parts of the blog after you have joined.

    Using one that already exists that just needs the design changing would be way easier than building one from scratch.

    With that in mind here's a few that might perhaps be of use -
    Viral membership Script
    Turnkey Central
    Profile Manager Basic
    MemberWing - Wordpress plugin
    Your members - wordpress plugin
    EasyMember Pro
    EZMembership Script

    And if you search this forum, I believe the Butterfly Marketing script is now being given away for free.

    If none of the above help, maybe if you explain a bit more about what you are looking for I might be able to help.


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    Hi Andy,

    Please take a moment to check out SubHub.

    SubHub is a powerful membership site platform, with a huge number of clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

    With SubHub your entire site is run from one easy to use control panel, including page management, subscriptions, e-commerce, a forum, advertising and affiliate management. We handle all hosting, updates and platform management.

    Oh, and we offer a free 14 day trial, with all features enabled.

    SubHub costs $97/month (with no mimimum contract), INCLUDING a large choice of design templates, hosting and platform updates. You also get inclusive membership to the SubHub Site Owners Club, where you'll find our exclusive articles and videos to help you make the most of your membership site.

    Best wishes

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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    It really depends on what are your specific requirements. You might even go away with something like Wordpress with some simple plugin.
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    I tried FusionHQ, but it's not plug and play, anyone have success with this one?
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    Fusion HQ is a multi tool platform that allows people to create membership sites, sales processes, and integrated affiliate program and much more using drag and drop technology - no coding required.

    You can also even get your first membership site up and running with a Free Account

    Training is provided inside the the Resources tab when you login.

    Hope this helps


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    A little advice, if you end up paying someone to do this: The more you lock yourself into a system that works with very hard defined rules and has people that know how to build communities, but ONLY with the tool they present you with, the less likely you'll be able to build something that really has the features you want. For some people, this is all you need, but if you really want to add some very specific features, you're going to need someone that is able to program, and is familiar with how to create a social community from scratch.

    User oriented web programming is a subset skill, or a specialty, and if your developer doesn't have it, you won't be able to get more than a generic community. Sometimes a generic community is all that is needed, so it isn't always a problem, but if you want something really cool and unique, you're going to need someone special to customize it for you.
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    i can build membership site with wordpress platform...

    i have 1 site with wordpress membership
    please visit :
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    Member ship sites are not hard to make given all the open source code it has. If you are still in need of this send me a pm with your contact info cheers.
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    Drupal is also a good platform to build a membership site, using its Ubercart plugin which allows users to purchase subscriptions. Drupal is free and opensource. You can build the membership site yourself (using Drupal's excellent documentation and very helpful community) or hire a Drupal developer to set it up for you.

    I've also worked on a project that used Wordpress as a membership site that gave access to their customers in the Infusionsoft CRM (we had to use a plugin called InfusionWP).

    I've also heard good things about AMember, which also integrates with Drupal, Wordpress and Infusionsoft.

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    some good posts, and options, but you know what the hardest thing is about building a membership website,

    The content, producing fresh and viable content, that is hard, just ask any of the membership leaders, about keeping members coming back for more, that is where you either succeed or fail

    do post and let us know if you need some help with a specific option, I know there are like thousands of membership scripts, and all of them are different,
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    Originally Posted by andybeveridge View Post

    Really need some help building one.


    Yes i can build a membership website. I have much experience in building this type of websites. The one build by me is Pinnacle Start | How to Start an Online Business

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