Why my freaking new blog does not convert at all?

by vervel
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I am open to your thoughts here, 100 unique daily, 0 optin, 0 sales from affiliate links...

using WPROBOT and other hot plugins...

let me know.....

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    A link might be useful - you have 2 in your signature but I'm not sure if either if these is the "freaking new" site you are inquiring about?

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      Ya... link would help

      what's the niche
      is it bogus random non targeted traffic?

      More detail, and you'll probably get some suggestions.

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    Where is the traffic coming from?
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    If it's the golf site you're talking about, the site looks very cluttered, there are images overlapping text (on Firefox anyway), and your post about the NBA playoffs (not sure why that's there) is not displaying right.

    Less is more. Try cleaning things up a bit. Start with the Sidebar....I would cut it down to about half of what you have there....get rid of all offers and links that don't have anything to do with golf.
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    remember, anybody can make a blog, but not everybody can be an expert on golf accessories........

    where golf enthusiasts conjugate?
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      And how are you doing with the adsense?

      Your adsense ads were the first thing that caught my eye when I landed - the affiliate banner ads on the right, agree with poster above - take out anything not golf related, you have a relationship one there and a tribute to MJ.

      Perhaps then with more space in the sidebar you could use bigger banners rather than two next to each other because with some that flash and some that don't it's all a bit confusing on the eye and makes me not want to look over there - so then I am left with your article and adsense..

      Further down the page something very weird and messy is going on for me viewing it in firefox, starting at "Rondo had 19 assists, the celtic tied the..." the words/text are all on the left in a list style and going over the top of what seems to be product links, so there I am not sure what you want me to do, it looks like it is broken so if your site is not working, as a user am I going to click anything? err most likely not.

      If you are earning something through the adsense, how about focusing more on that?

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        Thanks to Godfather and Susanne.
        My adsense blocks are not getting to much, neither my banners, agree with the banners that has nothing to be with golf. I was just testing. Actually, the dating banner is getting clicks.

        Agree with the overload at sidebar.

        Any suggestion on the optin?
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    If you want to make money from affiliates, don't smash me in the face with adsense I'd even consider removing it completely and focus directly on affiliates.

    There's a lot of clutter on the website, I'm not sure where to look or even what to click on. For me, it looks like just another "I want to make money but I don't want to put effort in it" site, because it's just filled with ads. Especially those blinking image ads in sidebar would make me leave in like 0.2 seconds after seeing them.

    Generally, you should try to make it simpler and more focused on one thing. Don't think that having 50% ads will lead to 50% income, it's exactly the oposite.
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      Wow, where to start.

      1) Site does not look professional with a "super funny jokes" ad as sponsor.
      Get rid of ads not related to golf.
      2) Site looks to be all about ads. Where's the value for the user?
      3) Title is all run together. Golf Bag Accessories is not one word.
      4) What's the call to action? Not clear.
      5) Products - direct the user to a products page(s) if that's what you're selling
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    I agree with Sam. The first feeling I got the moment I saw the blog is, "Ahh, this blog's sole intention is to make money"
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      Thanks for all your comments guys, very direct to the point.

      I would like to take a look after the weekend again, hopefully changes will be done and I can see how it does...

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      • hi Vervel

        Don't worry, your frustration is what most people entering the blog world feel.

        Your blog has some of the most classic mistakes that Internet marketers make. I will list some below on some changes that I recommend:

        The header is the most important real estate on the website and yours is not being used effectively. One of the first problems I see is in Google chrome, you have a display issue whereas the banner on the right is covering up the text on your header. Make sure you check how your website displays on all browsers.

        In the header, consider doing one of the following. Firstly even make the head a nice graphic to catch people's attention with your website name and a tagline explaining clearly and concisely what your blog offers. This is not as simple as writing what you have currently. Remember a blog as a marketing tool and with the marketing three things need to happen in order for your blog to be effective. People have to either know, trust, or like you (preferably all three). Chances are most people reading your blog do not know you, so you have to give them good solid reasons as to why they would even take the time to read the information you have. Look at the header and see if you have accomplish these tasks. I'd say not.

        Also in your head you have your title golf bag accessories all running together as one piece of text and it does not look good. Separate these words out.

        All of the animated ads on the right-hand side of your blog a very distracting. it is hard enough for most people to sit and read text without having all of these animated distractions happening in the corner of an eye. if these ads are not making you any money consider removing them for the time being until you can get your blog established.

        The template you have used is also very cluttered and does not look nice and eye. Consider using a different template or some kind of different arrangement.

        If you can look at your blog and say, it offers something that other blogs don't offer, then you may be on the something. Until that time, your blog will sit in no man's money making land. So the question: is what is special about your blog? What will separate it from the 100,000 other blogs about golf bag accessories that are sitting out on the web collecting dust. You really have to think about this. Despite what we been led to believe by Internet marketers who are happy to sell us a $1000 course, this business is not as simple as setting up a blog, letting it sit, doing some back linking, and making money. It doesn't work that way. Content is still king and you have to provide something excellent. Something that is original and something that will make people gravitate toward your blog rather than your competition's.

        This is very hard to do nowadays as you're finding out. the internet world is massively saturated so you have to have a combination of all the right factors working together and if you're blog is discombobulated you will continue to receive the same results as you are receiving now.

        I hope this information is helpful to you. Don't get discouraged. These blogs require tweaking and testing as you're finding out, so try some of the things that people have suggested here on the thread and see if they work for you.

        good luck
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          Thanks for your words Orlando,

          Very, very useful, you know, after a few months on the IM world, I said to my wife the other day, "I did not know how to build a site, then I learned, then I had to learned how to drive traffic, (at least a few ways implemented now), so let's dominate convertion art then..."

          So I think I am on my path, thanks again to everybody for your tips....I let you know when changes are implemented and how this little one is doing it outside.

          I'll could summary all in a few words: K.I.S.S. and call to action!
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    Originally Posted by vervel View Post

    I am open to your thoughts here, 100 unique daily, 0 optin, 0 sales from affiliate links...

    using WPROBOT and other hot plugins...
    Focus on what your outcome should be. I went to your site and I actually had to read a fair bit of it before I could understand what it was all about. The 3 big boxes on top shows "Welcome to Golf Accessorize" and then right next to it is a book on bad swings.

    Personally I feel you have too many options and therefore you cannot guide your potential customer to where you want them to be.

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