Site looks OK in FF but how does it look in the other browsers? Anyone? Thanks!

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Hi Warriors,
Figured this was the right forum to ask this question.

I've looked at the site in FF but my IE is messed up so can someone please
tell me how the site looks in some of the other browsers?


Have a Great Day!
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    There are several ways to check your website in different browsers. My favorite is Adobe Browser Lab
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    Looks good both in latest IE and FF.

    But you should test it here: Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots.
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    Looks okay in Windows - IE6,IE7,IE8, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Google Chrome
    Not sure about mac.

    You can use browsershots for testing too.
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      It's a little funky with IE through AOL, Michael. Just off a little like the text on the right goes out of the box two or three places over.

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    worked with me (explorer, firefox, chrome on PC)
    I know it's not relevant to say that but you should think about changing the design of your website ...
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    I just see a minor problem in FF, and the corresponding one in IE. With FF there are 2 question marks between each of the horizontal menu items at the top, and also on the bottom. With IE I get a couple of rectangles on end in the same places.

    For me this sort of stuff happens with a UTF-8 dtd, and using characters from a MS word doc, but I can't see how that would have got into a SMF menu. Must be something else causing it on this site.

    I did look for the text running off to the right but couldn't see that in IE 8. A single line went right to the edge with ie6, but nothing I would spend time on.

    Nice to see SMF hauling the load. Have a lot of appreciation for it.

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  • Here is my favorite plugin / site for cross browser testing:

    Browser Sandbox - Run any browser from the web

    You must run it in IE but it allows you to test all the browsers.
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