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Hi Everyone,

I recently finished my website (, and I would really appreciate your feedback on the following...

1) Does the home page, and the how it works page do a good job of explaining what the service offers?

2) Do you think the home page text and audio message will make people take action (sign up as a member), or is something missing?

3) What do you think about the service being offered. Do you think it will appeal to a wide audience?

4) What about the website design. Is the site appealing? What do you like, What do you not like?

Any feedback you can provide would be really appreciated, and I look forward to responding to your reviews, and your advice.


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  • Hi Robert

    Here is my honest opinion:


    1. I took a look at your website and it took me listening to your audior to figure out what service you are offering. Remember the 3-5 second rule. You have only 3 to 5 seconds to grab your audience's attention. I don't feel your website accomplishes this at the moment . Your offer is too small and hard to read. It just doesn't jump off the page. Also the way your offer is written currently, it isn't enough to grab attention. In your audio you have some great benefits to using your service. Benefits such as items for one dollar, or saving 95% off retail. you need to make these benefits known in print because not everyone will listen to your audio. I would be blasting those two benefits in large print. People care about money, that's about it nowadays, so make sure you explain how they can save money. Also use the word "you" predominantly. Speak to them as an individual. Make them part of a VIP club. People love to feel special and a part of something.

    Consider also an opt in section on the front page. Offer potential customers something for signing up for free.

    Some of the greatest marketers in the world state that we live in a society of over-saturation. Competition is higher than ever and there are multiple websites providing the same services. Therefore you must try to provide a better service than what others currently provide. Think about making your website better than what is currently out there.


    2. You're wasting a lot of valuable space because your website is so narrow. You really want to design a 960 px, I believe yours is smaller and therefore you are trying to squash or the information into a small space. Widening the design will help you greatly especially since most people using larger monitors nowadays.

    3. Your coding is very messy and this will negatively affect your website loading time, and search engine optimization. Google loves pages that are cleanly coded so try to clean up the code if you can.

    Also consider moving the video to the top of the page.

    If you need any further revised please feel free to PM me

    I wish you the best of luck with your website look forward to reading about your success.

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      Thanks for your detailed responses!

      I definitely need to add new images and text to highlight the main benefits of our service, which is to save a lot of money and access a lot of great entertainment.

      I've also received a few responses from people who can't stand the audio message starting automatically. So i'll have to take it off auto-play and highlight the play button to entice people to listen to it.

      The idea of a giveaway item to signup is something I intend to add as well. The offer will be list 10 items and get one item free.

      Thanks again for the detailed responses, and I hope to hear from more Warriors!


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    - Yes they do
    - Using audio is a good Idea, But still how about small video/flash , with an introduction and how it works , the section showing 4 steps -Watch video is not visible in the firast glance
    -Over all site looks good and simple

    Thanks & Regards,
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