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I am working on a new site currently 3 days old and I want to maximize how to simple the site is although it will offer a lot of video content.

If you could give me pointers, this is the first time I have even used WordPress.

It's the site in the sig.

I know the comments section is not working at all, not sure how to fix that.

If I have made any fatal errors let me know,
Thanks WF
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    First of all, the theme you have chosen is very good, although I suggest trying to get a better logo. Not necessarily complex, but not text-only
    I have read/watched a tutorial...the content is good, the movies also, but I think you should try making tutorials about more complex things
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    Thanks for that feedback.
    I am currently working on new tutorials that will be more complex. If you have any suggestions that would be more than helpful. I was thinking of using the site as a way to show people how to improve their websites as well through, seo lessons and how to make money online lessons. But this is still up in the air because that kinda steps away from the point of the site.

    I will think about a banner also. Will outsource a photoshop pro for that.
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    Site looks simple , Good work if you have customized this in 3 days.
    It will be nice if you could categorize the tutorials , and use some attractive menus.
    I do agree with digital29 , try out a good Logo.
    Hope this Helps

    Thanks & Regards,
    Reach us at
    Web Design| Logo Design | Banner Design | Web Development | Mobile Applications [iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone]

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    Yep chugging away at this, hoping to keep my motivation levels high so I keep backlinking and adding content daily.

    I will catagorize the tutorials more shortly, probably best to do early on, to save a large task down the track when I have many tutorials.

    Will consider a logo soon, just have to think about exactly what I am after (not too good with design)
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    How is the domain not user friendly?
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    The sales copy on the site is very unimpressive. You should consult with a copywriter (lots of good ones here at WF) to improve that. What you have now is very plain and does little to motivate the prospect to do anything.

    Hope this helps.
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