How do I add a pop-up forum to my wordpress blog

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I would really appreciate your help on this one.

I know how to add inline contact forms using widgets in wordpress...

My question is how/where do I add the html for a pop-up form...

Also, if you are a web designer... what would it cost to customize my pop up form.

Thank you for your help on this matter.
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    To add a Pop-up form in your site you can simply add in some code to your page.
    When writing your page switch to HTML mode and try this.

    In the example below the pop-up form resides on its own HTML page which has been uploaded to the website as

    The code below is a popup that appears when you click on the link text "click here to sign up". When you click on the link the page popupform.html opens up in a small window.

    <a href="javascript:void('','newWin','resizable=1,status=1, scrollbars=0,width=350,height=300,top=350,left=350 '))">Click Here to Sign-Up</a>

    The first set of numbers - width=350,height=300 are the actual size of my popup window. You can change these based on how big your form is.

    The second set of numbers - top=350, left=350 are the position that the popup window appears over the browser. You can tweak these to suit.

    Hope this helps.


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    you can use action pop plugin, easily to use..
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    Unfortunately there are far more advantages having an obtrusive pop up to capture peoples e-mails, than there are disadvantages.. especially outside the IM niche.

    Building a list is so important these days, for me anyway.
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