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hey all I'm working on this site and was not allowed to change certain things like the banner, color etc... I am looking for some good recommendations on how to make the site more attractive overall while retaining the SEO aspects... In my opinion it looks horrible now, but I'm not a designer or layout specialist...

I am hoping to present a completely new fresh look for the site and get it approved... your opinions will help me decide what to focus on


(cant post a link so...)
www (dot) northernrefrigeration (dot) net
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    I won't talk about the content here, just the general look and feel - I hope that's what you were looking for.

    Rework the header. It appears old-school. If I'm not mistaken, the double quotes in the header are facing the wrong way, that certainly should be fixed. The list of adjectives can probably be projected in a more creative way.

    The navigation can be made more modern/web2.0 by considering some class CSS styling (you will have to scroll down that list to encounter the more interesting examples).

    The right sidebar appears unduly long, continuing long after the main content is over. Consider using this innerfade method to jam in the logos together in one small space (with all of them fading in and out of sequence).

    The footer looks like a bit of an isolated piece because the main body of content is not very well-defined.

    Consider picking up a clean HTML Web2.0 template with one right sidebar, and working this from scratch, integrating all your content slowly?

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    -changing colour scheme would be good
    -shorten the index page, as of now it is too much unused space between conent ad the footer,
    - make it more eye-catchy, larger fonts, more proffessional and sleek looks, the most important stuff as form of a button with something like "Read more", or simply different look of that paragraph
    - Meet the w3c xhtml/css standards of displaying websites
    - main menu should be bigger, and preferable more noticable

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      wow amazing information from you guys!! Yes I totally feel that the site looks horrible. The client is 60+ and he thinks it is perfect. I told him it needs work and he started to give me 20 minutes no joke of excuses why its great blah blah... So I think I am just gonig to change it anyways under the idea that I'm hired to increase sales and it is required to test new homepage for new sales if he doesn't like it we can put it back and decrease sales no problem!

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        I dont have a budget right now for custom design really, but just wondering what would you be able to do a re-design for?

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    contact me via portfolio contact form and we can discuss further

    I'm available for work. See my Portfolio.
    I'm also a member of Ke.mU Studio
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    I can help in no time. I am at word press professional and I have designed a lot of websites.
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    is that your website?
    a lot of quality ppl round here love it

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      Hi there

      I've looked at your website, aesthetically I wouldn't say is great but as a business looks genuine enough.

      my professional critique would be this .
      If your budget cannot allow you to hire someone I suggest use the same site but with few changes which I think will make a big change visually.
      -your logo or company name is not highlighted enough, especially in the header.
      -the width of the whole site is acceptable but you need a kind of contrast to highlight the website within the browser. I suggest you make a gradient background with a border probably on the main container div so the whole site will stand out .
      -You need a link in the header to link back to homepage.
      -the header needs to be slightly larger .

      here's an example check [the zip file attached] for you to see the same site with just slight difference in the background.
      I could go on and on.
      In a nutshell, you could just change the header image and the background.the whole site will look completely different.

      Good luck with your business
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