Contributors required - what's the right approach?

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Ok, I've written and re-written this post about a dozen times, but can't figure out the right way to write it.

Here's the situation.

I've started planning a new tutorial site aimed at beginners to intermediates - showing them about coding and design for web sites (not necessarily sales pages) and here's the thing:

I recently saw a training page by Eben Pagan (I can't spell, but you know who I mean) and he spoke about writing newsletters - and getting others to write articles in exchange for advertising space and links.

Question is, how do I approach people to do this? Obviously, until the site is profitable, there would be no 'pay' for it, other than free advertising and links etc, but is that enough to get people to write a short 'column'?

Let me know what you think in reply or PM me,


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    It's probably a little bit of an uphill battle at first, when all you have to offer is a link back to the author's site, but there ARE people who will be willing to make that trade. I've done it myself. Just ask for what you want. Then, keep asking. Eventually, you'll start to see some momentum, and it will get easier and easier.
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