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I have designed two categories memberships :

1. Free Member : 50% commission every sale
2. Premium Member : 100% commission every sale

Affiliate page, visit : Affiliate

reviews will be much appreciated.
Thank you!
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    Looks nice however I see NO reason to add your link to an Affiliate page, nor that you explain your affiliate program to us, for a review to this site and I strongly suggest you take it out as it could regarded as looking for MORE than just a review. In fact imho you look more than for jus a review and it is not acceptable in this WEB DESIGN discussion forum.

    Best regards,

    Andre Foisy
    Earn More Per Order, ...AUTOMATICALLY!
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    The definitive article "the" makes your sentences sound strange.

    You make 50% on the Free Member!

    You make 100% on the Premium Member!

    This is better.

    You make 50% on all Free Members!

    You make 100% on all Premium Members!

    "I've got to break free"


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  • One thing i would do, is move that navigation to the top (or copy it to the top if you dont want to move it), and maybe make the logo link to the home page, i hate that i keep having to scroll to the bottom to change page.
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    I really like the style, very professional looking - however I agree that the navigation should be up top and definitely change the "You make..." text to something like "You earn."
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    The design of the sales page looks good and simple
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