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by DavidO
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I'm adding a blog to my static site. I understand the usual setup is a subdirectory like:

But why not make the subdirectory name keyword-rich? I've never seen this done and I wonder why.

For instance, mine could be:

Is there any point in it?

I know you can create SEO-friendly permalinks for your individual posts and pages but why not be more SEO-friendly with the subdirectory too?
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    That should work ok. Wouldn't make a hige difference, I'd focus more on the on page seo personally, and not get hung up too much on the domain name.

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    Maybe you just don't notice it being done because if someone wants to make it a keyword, chances are it's not a blog...just a site running on WP with a custom theme. I do this daily. You want those keywords...

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    well i guess if you make it a keyword, user can't define instantly what this page is, that's the reason why is more productive to make it subdomain as so user can determined it first either they don't click it. thanks
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  • The way things are now, having your keywords in the domain or subdomain is no longer as important as it once was. It's certainly not mission-critical but if you can work it out so that you have your keywords in there, then that is very good.
    In addition, put your keywords in the content, i.e., the posts need to be optimized for the targeted keywords.
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    It's true that you can create SEO friendly url by use keyword rich on your subdomain..But I think it's too long and it's not easy to remember..N that is the weakness..It's just my opinion..

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    Of course that is the absolute way to go, if you want to add it to an existing site. Nowadays, many people have main website with worpress on their main domain name, which is normally, indeed, keyword rich.

    Best regards,

    Andre Foisy
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      you are missing a littel info here:

      is not actually a subdomain. It is just a subfolder.

      to be a subdomain you should actually create in your cpanel a subdomain, and only when it could be accesed through:

      http://blog-or-whatever-keywords-you it can be called a subdomain.

      once you try to do that, you will learn that on some hostings it is imposible to add a subdomain is a sub-sub folder:

      as in, you have that public_html/

      but only if the folder of your subdomain is actually a folder inside the public_html folder. Otherwise some redirection is required.

      Also, google tends to treat subdomains diferently then subfolders. A subfolder will always inherit the main domain`t rankins, while a subdomain not always, not all.. (complicated, don`t really understand this myself...)

      then, of course, you can name anything as you want with as many keywords or pharses
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    The op was talking about a subdirectory and NOT a subdomain.
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    I think if you will that with more than one topic, the tendency is you will create more pages for your different topics. Unlike when you just name it with blog then you can just optimize the permalink of the post.
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    i think we can target the main blog address with the main keyword and then the individual posts can have thier title in the keywords that can be a better appraoch
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      Originally Posted by NetMan View Post


      The op was talking about a subdirectory and NOT a subdomain.
      i was sure i read subdomain at a certain point. my bad....
      "If at first you don`t succeed, cheat ! Repeat until caught. Then, lie... " =))
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