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by DavidO
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I'm designing a project that uses a video clip in the background:

Lung 1080p HD | Royalty Free Stock Video Footage |

Before I purchase this file I need to know if the following modification is possible:

Adjust the breathing rate (inflation/deflation) of the lungs in the 3D model to synchronize with a soundtrack. It needs to speed up in parts and slow down in others. If this is not possible then the clip is worthless to me.

Any suggestions on how to do this would be much appreciated!
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    You would rerender it to the way you want.
    If you don't have the software, you could always outsource it.
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  • David

    You can speed up and slow down clips easily in any video editing program such as Sony vegas.

    For example in vegas: you can import the clip - 'hold shift' - and drag the clip smaller on the timeline to speed up the clip - and drag the clip longer on the time line to slow down the clip.

    It's really easy to do - however the problem with the clip that you're looking at is that the camera angle changes form right to left and when you speed up and slow down that particular clip, the clip it self will move from right to left quickly and slowly as well as the lungs pumping - this might not give you the look you want.

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      Thanks, Alex, for bringing up that problem that I didn't think of. I don't want the rotation to speed up, only the lungs. But if that's the only way possible it may still work out, I'd just have to see the effect in action.

      I'll do a screen capture of the demo and adjust the playback speed to see.

      And I look forward to your suggestion, atezaz!
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  • David

    You could "reverse" the clip

    1. Add the clip to the timeline multiple times
    2. Speed up and slow the clips
    3. Once the clip is "fully rotated to the left" reverse the next clip so the video moves back from left to right instead of right to left.

    That would work... however the camera angle would be swing back and fourth, on the slowed down clips it will look fine.


    Another way would be to crop the clip to 6 seconds (which is when the camera angle starts to change)

    Then add the (cropped 6 second clip) onto the timeline multiple times - then speed up and slow down each clip accordingly.

    That way you'll have the lungs pumping and no camera movement!

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      I think this will work out just fine. In Windows Movie Maker I tried out their slow motion and double speed effects and that's really all I need. The rotation is not a problem.

      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on this!
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