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by timber
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Can anyone tell me, is it possible to get wp to auto insert the Analytics tracking code into a a new page as part of the 'add page' option? It only has to be in before the </body> tag, but I'm not sure if I added it into the template if it would get registered.
I have been manually entering it into each page after I'm done creating it.

I had to re-create my site from scratch, so this gave me the chance to embed the code manually. But I'm thinking there has to be a better way. If 'all in one seo' can add meta tags before </head> then there has to be a plug in or section in the template to add tracking code.

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    ha, turns out there is something exactlly for that... my bad... found it after I realized what I was looking for.

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    I'd just add it to the footer.php

    Don't be scared of that stuff. Just back things up before you play around.

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    If you are adding google analytics, there are plugins you can use so you don't need to add the analytics code to your theme files (very helpful if you change themes later). For most well-known tracking sites there are plugins you can use, actually.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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