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Please help me resolve an issue involving the StudioPress Church Theme.

Now, I have the complete set of StudioPress Templates in a zip file. I opened the zip file and extracted the "Church" folder onto my desktop.

I uploaded the "Church" folder from my desktop onto my WordPress blog. Everything uploads successfully and looks fine but there is a message at the bottom of the "THEMES" page that says, "BROKEN THEME" . . . Stylesheet missing." But when I go into the Stylesheet page, the Church Stylesheet is there.

I deleted the Church theme from my list of themes in my dashboard and uploaded it again, several times. However, I'm having the same issue: "Stylesheet Missing" error message. I noticed that even after deleting the Church theme, the error message remained on the Themes page.

I went into the WP/Content/Themes folder on my server and deleted the Church folder, now the message is gone. So, what is the PROPER way to resolve this type of issue or prevent it from happening again?

Note: I am not a techy but I can work my way through a problem with some workable steps and whatever common sense I have left.

Appreciate your help.

~ Iris
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    hmm download the zip file again, extract it again, upload it again and activate the theme again and if the error continues to be there, contact the support department of Studiopress. It appears that something might be corrupt in one of the files so they may need to repackage it and provide a new download.
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    Sounds like a path error- it's not that the file is missing, but it's not where the theme is expecting it to be. Did you work on the theme on your hard disk? Could be a local file:// path has crept in somewhere as opposed to a relative or absolute path that would work on the net.

    Have a look at the php files in the theme, the .css file is often called for at the top in the HEAD section and check the paths out.
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    Studiopress has an excellent support forum for all of their themes. I suggest starting there for your answer. Chances are someone else has already had this question answered.
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      After you extracted the Church folder to your desktop did you open that folder to see if the files are located in that folder or in a sub folder. Most times the files are located in a sub folder with the same name as the main folder.

      It just looks that that would be the reason for the problem you described. Just upload that sub folder to your hosting account (wp-content/themes) and it should work.
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    If you ftp'd the church theme (not uploaded it via your admin area), you might not have uploaded it correctly. If I can remember correct, there is another church folder inside the first theme folder. You have to upload the second one to make things work properly.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    I would like to thank all of you for helping me out. I did get it to upload successfully following your directions. I'm still tweaking a few things and hope to have it straightened out. If I can't, I think I'm going to be seeking out some fellow Warriors and just outsource this task to someone else for a reasonable fee -- I've spent far too much time tinkering around with it and time is of the essence.

    You all are great and I feel blessed to have you on this forum.

    Thanks, again!

    ~ Iris
    Make every day count!
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      I was getting same issue but now things are OK,
      what was wrong in my case was that I was having an extra copy of genesis theme withing child theme(mocha) directory. I deleted that extra copy and now things are fine.

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