How do I get a image ad created?

by Kazz
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I want to advertise a clickbank product with a picture (110x80px).

I've got the picture (from the owner of the product) and want to add some text to it but don't know how to do this or how to create the image ad so it links to my affiliate link.

I'm planning to outsource it but the problem is as I have no idea what is needed I don't know what to tell the freelancer I want.

I've got a couple of questions I hope you can help me with:

Is an image ad the same as a banner ad?

What would this job type be, would it fall under web design?

The site I want to advertise on asks for the file and gives these options .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png Which one do you think is best or used most frequently so I can use the same image ad on a different site in the future?

What experience / skills should the freelancer have with regard to this type of work?

Is there anything I should put in my post so I can be sure the freelancer does what I need?

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    Hi Kazz,

    A banner ad is a type of image ad. Image ads typically come in standardized sizes. You can take a look at them here-->Image Ad Sizes

    This job could be considered web design or graphic design.

    For a simple picture most people will use a jpg/jpeg. PNG is used when you have an image that has an alpha channel (transparency) that you want to retain within the final image. GIF are usually used for animated images.

    This work isn't terribly difficult so no special skills are required.

    If you need an ad created I can do it just PM me.

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      Thanks for your advice Kevin. I tried to PM you but got a message to say I can't as I haven't posted 50 times.
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    The most popular Web format is JPG, though GIF is used for most animated banners (where Flash isn't needed or desired). It could be considered web design or graphic design.

    I've been designing banners for 8 years now and I can definitely do this type of work - please see my signature for my site that contains samples. Also, you can contact me via email: info(at)

    Thank you
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      PM me if you need further help though it appears you have alot of people willing to help you. Good luck.


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        If you accept to put the URL of the contact page that you created in the text widget, not the contact-form abbreviates code. . The contact-form short code will not work in widgets. You create the contact page first, and then code the URL into the text widget.
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    Banners are a type of images and you will fall under the advertising category. And once you put the required text on your image you will have to approach your client and present it.
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