Please suggest to improve design of my website

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hello friends,

I want to redesign my website gracioustech [ dot ]com, please give me suggestion how can i give it better look than current.

Thanks in advance
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    this post looks a little spammy to me.
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      Originally Posted by krikkod View Post

      this post looks a little spammy to me.
      why do you think so dude ? I really need suggestion to improve my website.
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      Originally Posted by krikkod View Post

      this post looks a little spammy to me.
      I agree, there have been many of these types of posts in the last month or so, I think the spammers have realized that posts here show up as BL's and think it will increase their page rank, so they ask for a critique of their site, and get a thread going, hoping it will become hot.....

      The peculiar thing is that when these type of posts happen, you see lots and lots of new WF members making comments for their first time or before their 50 posts.

      And the ones making comments seem to always have some website they are promoting in their signature area....... :rolleyes:

      If looks so suspect.......

      You just never know.........

      Look at the OP signature links, an SEO company and Social bookmarking service in India, come on, how stupid do they think people are? I wonder how many people they hire to do this stuff on a regular basis as part of their SEO service?

      P.S. No offence meant to anyone legit, but if you are legit, you should be able to see what I mean......
      Need Custom Graphics Work? - Message Me For A Design Quote!
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    what is the link?
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    It's clean and simple. But I think there's too much text. I'd focus on the main things on the homepage
    Freelance Web Development
    and Graphic Design Services
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    Maybe add a white background behind each text block?
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    First of all the font sucks , And the site looks like a blog .

    Change the colours to something that fits nicely and is less dull than this .

    Go for navy blue to blue gradients of colour in the background , And white on the front , Experiment with that and see what works .

    And yeah cut down on the fluff , Go for head-line based titles , That catch attention .

    What makes your company different from the thousands of service companies out there , Differentiate or die !
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    The color is important! More work you should did on this!
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    I'd personally like to see less clutter, though I love the colour scheme and professional feel :-)
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