Do Website virtual speakers boost sales?

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I hope its ok to put this link here. I saw this site and once it loads, this person begun to
speaker about the site.

Is it worth having a speaker like this to increase sales? The site is a social network referal

If this will increase sales, do anyone have in recommendations to have this installed on
my site(s)
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    The following is all IMHO, so keep this in mind please.
    I find them mostly annoying, mainly due to usability issues. They are the new "flash intros" so to speak, serving no other reason than making the site a little bit fancier (while not actually contributing any to the site's usability). Popping up without any warning, distracting you from whatever it was you were doing...
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    like above IMHO.

    I use to make these and sell them to people. the only companies i ever heard that they actually made a difference is big business. places you would go that you would expect them to have the top technology and the walkons actually give you important information.

    for the most part they are very annoying and if you get one from a company that isnt real good at what they a redoing they actually can hurt your business.

    they do have there place and it is not on small websites selling simple products.

    they do however work real well for things like FAQs and pages where its easy for them to read a small amount of information and go away.
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    Depends on the market. I think they can be effective for squeeze pages or "how-to" sites but they are very annoying on brochure-ware sites. I really don't care that my dentist is telling me my teeth are dirty. But, if my dentist was showing me how to properly floss then maybe I'd watch it. I think the main thing is that they always pop up when you are least expecting them to and scaring the crap outta ya.


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    Awesome and thanks for the replys. I'll pass on getting one of these.

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