whats a good beginner website builder..?

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hi there,

i'm wanting to try out making websites, any recommended programs or tutorials that teaches from the ground up?
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      THANKS!!!!! gonna get busy!
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        You might also like something such as Wordpress, Wix, or Yola depending on your needs.

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    The best way to make a website is with any text editor (notepad works, but there are nicer ones around) and an FTP program.

    Basically you make HTML code which consists of tags. Every HTML document starts with <html> and ends with </html>. An HTML page is simply a plain text document with the extension .html and once you upload it to a web host, you can view it in a web browser.

    There's lots of resources out there for learning HTML and once you have the basics of HTML, you want to go on to learning CSS.

    In its absolute most basic form an HTML document looks like this:

    <title>This is the title that will appear on the user's tab/browser header or if they mark it as a favorite. Use important keywords and keep it much shorter than this </title>
    This is where your page content actually goes. You will use things like:
    <p>Paragraph text</p>
    <img src="http://www.warriorforum.com/images/image_url.jpg" alt="Text that appears if the user can't view the image">
    <a href="link">Link to another page</a>
    <li>An unordered list item</li>
    <li>You could use a list for links</li>
    <li>Or other content</li>
    Also keep in mind that almost all of what the site "looks" like is done with CSS, not HTML. For things like your header image, the HTML would be as simple as:

    <h1>My Site</h1>
    Then in CSS, you would actually specify that it's, say, 600 pixels wide, and 200 pixels tall, and uses a background image located at images/header.jpg, and doesn't show the actual "My Site" text since your name is on the image. To do that with CSS it would be:

    I hope this is a bit helpful, and not too confusing. Once you have that basic HTML template, you can start building your page and you can look into CSS, which will help you style each tag to make it look exactly how you want it.
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    oh wow this is truly2 helpful. i will try it! thx so much luminousnerd!!
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    You could also try RVsitebuilder
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    Originally Posted by darkclaw3000 View Post

    hi there,

    i'm wanting to try out making websites, any recommended programs or tutorials that teaches from the ground up?
    You can download free website builder including how to videos and much more HERE. It's all FREE !

    Originally Posted by crescendo View Post

    If you want to design a website, you have to learn Photoshop, Flash, Front Page, Dream waver,
    I disagree, I never used photoshop, flash or dreamweaver and I have many websites. Theres a lot of other free tools that work just fine.
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      You can download free website builder including how to videos and much more HERE. It's all FREE !

      I dont think your link is working....
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        Originally Posted by iddigger View Post


        You can download free website builder including how to videos and much more HERE. It's all FREE !

        I dont think your link is working....
        Hi bud, I just logged in as a member and everything seems to be working right, if you could let me know what didn't work I would appreciate it.

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          If you could provide more details about your level of proficiency in building websites it would help a lot in giving you advice.CMS is also a computer application used to create, edit, manage, search and publish various kinds of digital media and electronic text.
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    I use Ms Frontpage... now called as Ms Expression Web
    God bless us all!
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    Do a search for Kompozer. I've just started using it, it's free and so far seems pretty easy.
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      If you don't want all the complication and time it takes to master html codes,
      I will suggest you start with setting up your own wordpress blog and add custom themes that have been created by professional website designers.
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    Leadz- that may be perfect for what i want, but if i do it that way can i still add affilliates and control the marketing of my site?

    Thanks Warrior forum! I assembled and ranked my first sites and learnt and bought all I need right here!

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    I suggest start learning basic html, you can easily go about wordpress with such knowlege.
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    Try Joomla. There's a huge community of support and lots of free plug-ins. It will also allow you a roadmap where you can begin to customize features and enhance integration after you've gotten your feet wet.
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    This page has a huge list of resources to get you started:

    Oh, I can't post links yet... ok search for "list of web design tutorials" in Google and it's the top link!

    As you build your site make sure to keep checking with the W3C XHTML validation tool and test across a variety of different browsers.

    The Adobe BrowserLabs tool is amazing at this, it will let you test across IE 6, 7, 8 Firefox, Safari and Chrome right from one browser session, it's free but you need to sign up for an Adobe account... which is painless.
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    WordPress for sure if you're just starting out. With WordPress you can build sites now and get some practice customizing sites to your needs.

    In the long run you'll have to learn a little about html and php as it applies to WordPress. Lots of small changes you'll make in WordPress to make a Blog look like a regular website, involve getting into the php and html code and changing a few things.

    I recommend Suffusion Theme. There is a nice support forum that will answer most of your questions for changes and customizations you'd like to make.

    Suffusion Theme has a great admin area. A few hours of playing around with the numerous options will help you learn a lot.

    I'm a Marketing guy with little tech skills, so from my point of view WordPress will get you going faster. Kompozer and Komodo are free HTML editors that are very easy to use if you must use HTML.

    Send me a message if you have any questions.

    Newbies PM me if you need simple answers to simple questions. Don't waste too much time figuring things out (being lost) when all you have to do is ask for directions. TweakingWP.com

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    Personally, im not a big fan of all those html coding and don't like fiddling around with things like that. I prefer something that takes care of those things for me and i can just make visual adjustments with ease using functions in programs that allow me to do that. If i was you and looking for a beginner type of website builder then just try out something like wordpress. It's free and very easy to use and make changes. I personally now use XsitePro to build websites and find it great fun to use. Lots of functions so you can control the layout and look of your website but it does cost quite a bit.
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    Try Wordpress or some other platform. It's easy to code these page just like HTML and there are so many plugins and extras that are free it's really your best option :-)
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    To be honest, I wouldn't recommend a free website builder, purely for the fact that you have minimum control over it - but then you have the problem of learning to create one, I'd look at W3C for web design tricks and tips - or create a blog (WordPress).
    WordPress is a good one because it ranks very well and can be easily optimised (providing you update your content on a regular basis) or even create a simple website in dreamweavers design view whislt researching tips and tricks on the Internet to make your website look good and following advise on this forum to get your website the best optimisation it can get.
    Liam McArthur
    Web Developer | Eden Mobility
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    Try xsitepro it's easy and your site will look professional.
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    If you don't want to learn code I would suggest using stiqr.com where it's a simple layer based drag and drop method. You can try it for free and it let's you place images, text, and even html just like placing a sticker on the page. I've been designing websites for several years now and this is even a great designers tool to save a lot of time. I did a tutorial on my blog tellatek.com/2010/05/21/website-design-tutorial-part-1-easy-as-placing-stickers-on-your-monitor/
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    You might as well start off with Dreamweaver.
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    It depends on the needs of your website. In other words, do you have a website that needs frequently updated content, or are you just looking to put together a "static website" that you will update occasionally?

    There are tools that will help you to accomplish both purposes.

    Content management systems (CMS) are great for people that want to update their sites frequently. Blogs and news sites fit into this category. Wordpress is a great CMS for Internet marketers, since there are many extensions that you can use to customize and format your blog the way you want it. On the other hand, it does have a fairly significant learning curve. You may also want to look into Concrete5. It does not have as many extensions, but it is one of the easiest CMS's to use on the planet.

    Website design programs are great for people that want to create "static sites." By static sites, I mean sales letters, sign-up pages, landing pages, and sites that contain a small amount of content. One tool that I have found to be highly effective for this purpose is XSitePro. It is designed for Internet marketers in mind - having a wide variety of tools and graphics available to build customized Internet marketing sites. It's also very user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

    Whatever tool you decide to use, I would strongly recommend that you learn HTML. It will really help you to understand how web pages are coded - and enable you to make changes to your web pages quickly and easily.
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    I have a free eBook on my blog which shows you how to build a website for free.
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    Xsite Pro - doesnt get much easier than that.
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    Regarding Wordpress for website design, in my niche (or keywords) I have seen 2-3 relatively new sites (<1 year old) get to the top 5-7 positions in Google...all using the WP CMS. Is WP really liked by Google? I track alot of sites and see the WP sites skyrocketing thru the rankings...even new sites. Just curious.
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    nice. thanks man.
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    Try PHP EDITOR if you are going to work in PHP , or Geany for html and css.

    Good luck on making a website Hope you success !
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    I've used both dreamweaver and kompozer, both are good. You don't have to have the latest version of dreamweaver with all the newest features. Buy an older version off of Ebay and you're good to go.

    Artisteer is great for creating themes and templates.
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    Give this guy a shout. He'll walk you through everything. He's great, and his stuff can't be beat. He actually told me how to copy and paste, and has helped me with it all. Here's the link and tell him I sent you.
    Jeff - Vendor-Lock.com
    I'm not makin a dime off of this, I just want to see you learn the right way as fast as possible.
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    I have been using Blue Voda website designer to design the websites for my personal use. I find it easy to use and its free too. When it comes to paid version, I like Microsoft Expression Web as it contains a software called super preview in which you can view the same content in different browsers side by side and we can also highlight the differences in the layout.
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    The best tutorial site for a beginner like you is the W3School site. In this site you can learn a lot specially in HTML to coding.
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    Yes...I also suggest KOMPOZER.....its simple and its FREE !

    Google ..."Kompozer Tutorials" and you'll get Video Lessons to walk you thru Kompozer

    Chris Farrell recommends Kompozer also
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    I learned everything I know from www.davesite.com. Now I'm getting paid to build websites on the side. Took me about a week to learn it all.
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    buy a best seller book on amazon with keyword "web design"

    it's tiring to learn from a computer screen in my experience
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    Most people seem to use WP, Or with most hosting they have site in minutes option in Cpanel with WYSIWYG not bad for beginners i suppose.
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    it's tiring to learn from a computer screen ,but i think if you want ,you will!
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    Originally Posted by darkclaw3000 View Post

    hi there,

    i'm wanting to try out making websites, any recommended programs or tutorials that teaches from the ground up?
    Get some free open source web templates.
    And experiment on them.
    Also download Notepad ++ , a cool editor for html.
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