Can wordpress sites achieve a Flash site level of interactivity?

by mun
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Just as the question says, can sites built using wordpress be as dynamic as flash sites in terms of visuals and interactivity.

Let guve you an example fo each :

VISUALS - as in the animated background.

INTERACTIVITY - In terms of navigation.

Ive been having a tough time finding such WP themes.
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    Well, Flash and WordPress aren't mutually exclusive. So you could put a Flash object in a WordPress site. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it though, there's a lot of good reasons not to use Flash.

    The animated background might be pretty hard in any other way, but it's definitely not worth the extra load time in my opinion. You could probably achieve it with JavaScript with a much lower filesize.

    The second site you linked could and should be done with JavaScript and maybe JQuery, not Flash. A full site in Flash is a really, really bad idea most of the time.

    To answer your question directly, technically anything that is possible on a normal web page is possible in WordPress. That said, these types of customizations are pretty intense and time consuming if you can't find a theme that's close to what you want.
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      Ah, yes my assumptions were right, loading imes would increase with the inclusion of flash in a webpage.

      However my website is mainly to be viewed by individuals to whom I will provide the link, not for the masses. That said, very few people like to sit and wait for a page to load.

      Since im not very knowledgeable in programming languages, I may have to settle for a WP theme and customise that a little to my liking.

      Your reply was extremelly informative, thanks for the useful info.


      See the glass half full or half empty? The way I see it you have the wrong size glass altogether!

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        Hi Mun,

        As interactive as the Ed Peixoto page is, it took about 10 seconds to load on my computer. People nowadays don't have that sort of time. They could easily find an alternative website to go to and reach it within 10 seconds.

        Within WordPress, you can indeed integrate a certain degree of flash. You could set up your whole header as a flash component. However, I would not recommend it as search engines do not like. Also, the Iphone does would not support it.

        Good luck.
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          Hi thx for the reply, I am actually not too worried about search engine ranking on this site as it will be a personal one, so I will not be advertising it to the masses.

          Using Javascript / JQuery has been suggested as an alternative to achieve the same effects.
          I may go down that route rather than using pure flash.

          However I still need flash since I create basic stand alone flash applications.

          See the glass half full or half empty? The way I see it you have the wrong size glass altogether!

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