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I am currently working on a magento shopping cart site.

Where I have all my content, that's my primary site (joomla based).


I was wondering, if having: is better than what I usually do in the past which is

Any ideas how one actually does that? Are there any benefits SEO wise? What do you call this process, I dont mind reading on it. I just can't google this term since I don't know what you would call adding a directory file before primary domain?

I have seen tons of sites like this as well.

What is this called?

Any information on this is greatly appreciated!
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  • Profile picture of the author CBSnooper etc are called subdomains. If you look in your control panel there is usually an icon that will set them up. You specify which folder should be the subdomain. So you can install your store in, and then set up to point to that folder.
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      Thanks Mike

      After doing some research I am sticking with the old method. I would be loosing to much, PR, internal links within my heavily filled content site. I don't want to literally start with a new domain, I just thought it would look cool
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