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I was hoping that I could tap into some of you guys' knowledge and experience. My blog, HYIPBlogger (link in signature) is the first site I've done. It's been online for about a month now, and thinks are going pretty good so far.

However, I have the feeling there things I'm missing, something I should be doing. I'm hoping you guys could take a look and point out any mistakes I'm making, opinions on the site, advice etc.
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    wow ! A HYIP blog !

    Nice blog , good content. Just keep promoting your blog on other forums . Good luck !!
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    Love the design ... not too sure on the banners tho :S

    Google News Press Releases , PM For Details :)

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    I, too, think the banners are a bit distracting. The # of banners may distract visitors from spending much time on your website, and it leaves them with the impression that your website is an advertising site rather than a blog. Try to reduce the # of advertisements on each page.
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    I had a feeling that the banners would be the first thing brought up. Believe it or not, compared to other sites in the niche.. my site doesn't have many banners at all.

    However I have been considering some other alternatives to the 125x125 banners displayed. What do you guys think of using thumb-screen-shots of the websites with the site name in text underneath?

    Any other comments are definitely appreciated, really rip me apart I'm new to website administrating and design and am really trying to be the best I possibly can.
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    AD overuse to me. I'd say remove the top banner ads and just leave the small 125 banners.

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  • Google Caffeine is dinging sites for having slow loading pages. I ran free a report for you at the link in my signature. Just click and input your web site address.

    I would spend some time tuning up your site to get it loading faster by changing hosting if needed, optimizing your images, moving code, minimizing code etc etc. You can use the Light Speed Now service to do this for you and they are VERY good at this or I can do it for you for $499.00... not quite a robust as their service but definitely less money! ;o)

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      Hrm, I realized the page loaded on the slow side, but yslow and firebug didn't show it performing that poorly.

      I'm going to have to eventually upgrade my hosting, and I'm planning on giving the site a face-lift eventually with a custom design. I have a couple of things in mind that hopefully will speed it up a bit. Unfortunately money at this time is tight, so I'm going to just have to do what I can on my own.
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      • Shalbaal,

        Yeah I hear ya on the money side. If you need solid web hosting let me know.. I have a reseller account with a very solid web hosting platform. I found this service because I was tired of my sites running so slow and having issues when I installed scripts on other hosts. I have none of those issues now and haven't found a script yet that I couldn't get installed with my service... fast, robust and inexpensive. I can host your site for a year for only $40.00 or two for $70.00 or three for only $80.00... Seriously you will not find better hosting for less money and I am available to help with script installs etc. Just click on the link in my signature and then click on 'order' to see the options. The server I am putting shared hosting sites on right now is less than 2% of capacity, 16 processors 8 gigs of ram in prime data center in Houston. Golden!

        Anyway, let me know how I can help and I will do what ever I can for everyone here in this community, web design, development, hosting, SEO, etc etc.
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          StrongBox, I appreciate it. I may contact you in the future about some of your services.
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    I've made a lot of changes to the site since last asking for opinions. I've put up new design/layout and have a brand new, shiny faster host. There are still banners on the site, but hopefully I've streamlined a lot to make them not so awful for you all.

    What do you think? Any advice or suggestions?
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      dear you have asked for advises and suggestions but the fact is you really deserve a big applaud. keep it up
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