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I have almost fixed my site back to original. Thanks to mrmagos and redneo for replys, I have fixed the theme problem. I'm looking for my articles in the old files of my site. Where would the files be or named as? Are they in any of these php files? I can still see the old homepage in a browser but the articles are shortened. I do not have the original articles in a txt format. I'm trying to see if they are in the site files? Anyone know, where these interior pages are stored or what they may be named? Thanks for any help.
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    The content is all stored in the database - none of the content is actually stored in any files.
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      Hi mrmagos, do you mean in the mysql database? IF so, would I just need to open that database and look for them there?
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        Yes, I believe I did find them. Thank you and I'll make sure I thank your profile too! I'll have to sift through and get the junk out but I see they are there. I'm totally happy now!! THANKS AGAIN!
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    you can dump the mysqld database and import it to the new host using the dumped mysql file.
    God bless us all!
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