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I am an expert at seo and still do not understand Angela and Paul. I suppose I'm not an expert after all. Will someone please help me understand the Angela and Paul concept? I want to know anything and everything about SEO?
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  • I too am mystified by the Angela & Paul legend that permiates throughout the Warrior Forum.

    There have been rumors these legends were spotted somewhere in the Himalayas; other rumors geographically locate them somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

    While little is known of the whereabouts of Angela & Paul species, there are manuscripts dating back as far as 1993 showing their uncanny ability to dominate & control the Googlelopicus and Yahoomenial animal family. Stories are told of their inhumane domination and how their evil techniques were employed to generate obscene amounts of gold & silver trinkets & coins through sales of inanimate manuscripts and electronic books. They very thought sent shivers down the spines of mortal men!

    This leaves us one question to ponder...

    Who IS Angela & Paul??
    Financial Thing: Peer to Peer Lending Reviews
    Poker Tilt : The Dutch Boyd Story
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    LOL! That's really funny, Orlando!
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    Hey Search on Google you will get more information regarding Angelia links also watch some You Tube videos You will get more Idea. Well In this Forum some information you can find just go through it properly .
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    I didn't recognize the significance of Angela or Paul, either - I had to google them.

    They're a couple of people who put out monthly newsletters that detail how to add your link to high pagerank sites, supposedly with step-by-step instructions. In short, they basically provide backlinking services. Sorry to be blunt, but if you don't understand backlinking, then you're not a SEO expert.
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