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...well site is breaking with aweber.

I've added an aweber sign up form to a website cx.cc and now it's breaking in ie8.

Has anyone encountered this before? It's driving me mad :confused:

Any help much appreciated.
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    It would help if you included the URL in order to see what is going wrong
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    Hi David, just joined so can't add the full url. The site is registry.cx.cc
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    There are 2 errors.
    One is in the scripts/all.js on your domain
    tips[curcontentindex].style.display="block"; //show current message

    The other is in the Aweber lightbox which can not be helped on your end other than not using it.

    It seems the first error is the one IE is having an issue with.
    tips[curcontentindex] comes up as undefined
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      Awesome! Thanks so much for looking at it. I'll take a look in this javascript file and see if I can work it out.

      Is there any quick way of fixing this error that you know of? Apologies if I'm bugging you with questions.

      I presume this error means that the variable value has not been defined somewhere?

      Thanks again,
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        Update just in case anyone ever has the same problem.

        After much mucking about in the code I still couldn't find the exact issue. I think there may have been a conflicting variable, or even just a css class between my code and the aweber code.

        As a workaround I then used the raw html code for my form and popped it into a hovclick(.com) lightbox.

        Everything now works. Not ideal as the aweber lightbox looks a bit cleaner, but it works.

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