Question about domain names and hyphens?

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How is it for SEO if you use hyphens in your domain name.
For instance is it better to have a .com name with hyphens than a .biz name without hyphens.
I'm told Google just looks at hyphens as a space.

Suppose I want to do a website about the Flintstones kids Bambam and Pebbles.
Which of these would be better

Also, how big of a deal is it to end up with a .biz domain instead of a .net, .org, or .com

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
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    SEO- doesn't make that much difference. Hyphens will seriously reduce the resale value of a domain name though.

    .net, .org, or .com domains are the best; both in perceived and real value. There seems to be a slight SEO penalty for using one of the 'new' TLDs; but that can in many cases be offset by being able to buy an 'exact match' domain with your keywords in it.
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    Hyphens are better than underscores.
    You're right, Google considers hyphens and &%20, (aka the space key) equivalent.

    ALWAYS use hyphens in subdirectory names, image names, files names, etc. when they contain more than one word.

    The domain name itself is another story though. No need for hyphenation there.
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