Feedback on my squeeze page? List builders eyes needed

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Hi all

I'm designing a set of squeeze page templates that I'm actually going to give away for free.

I have one "style" I've just finished designing/coding and could use some feedback, especially from list building experts.

test site is: freesqueezepagetemplate[dot]net/test/squeeze/

Please note, the Aweber form on there works so please don't test it as I don't have a thank you page or anything setup. Not really looking for subscribers just yet lol.

Also, at the bottom left I have a toggle that says "Follow Us!". Not sure if I'm going to leave that on the site. I'm just testing. I may get rid of it or put sample images of the squeeze pages that come with the download. It wouldn't be part of the squeeze pages one downloands, unless people thought it might make sense.

Really I'm hoping to get some advice as to the layout and if I'm on the right track to designing a page that would do well in gaining subscribers, ie does my current layout look like it would do the job?


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    Hmm, maybe it's just me and the fact i haven't finished my first cup of coffee for the morning, but I can't get the page to load.
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    Its not loading for me either.
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    Sorry guys, I misspelled my own domain - had "tempalate" not "template" lol

    Please try now

    Thanks again

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      Looks fairly good to me, though a little plain, depends how easy it is to change the Header graphic, but you should add some video squeeze page templates nowadays.

      Eddieheli -
      "Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will." ~ Dr. Robert Anthony

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    It looks fine depending on what the person coming to the site is expecting to see... as long as the article/ad that brought them in has them looking for free squeeze pages I think it has great potential for conversion.
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    Hi guys, thank you very much for your input, it's very helpful and appreciated!

    @Eddieheli - Yes, that's the plan. I've got at least 2 different video squeeze layouts. I'm still trying to decide if I should give away 5-7 templates but have blue (like the link above), red, green, gold, grey, plain white, etc. kind of thing or if I should have one colour but 5-7 different layouts, if that makes sense.

    In terms of the header - the text/phrase you see at the top in that sort of handwritten font, well, ALL the text on the page (except for the button text) is 100% changeable in notepad/html editor. In other words, I'm using Cufon font replacement and I have about 20+ fonts so I can change the font in the header in about 2 seconds.

    Is that what you meant or did you meant or do you mean if someone wanted to add their logo to the header? If so, then I guess you'd need photoshop/gimp/paint like any template.

    @chapdaddy - Thank you as well for the feedback. Yes, I would be giving away free squeeze page templates but I hope people can see they can replace pretty much anything. I mean, if someone used the template to give away an ebook, then they'd obviously have to replace the image for an ecover, to use no image at all. Once again, the text at the top (in blue) can be changed just like any text on a page.

    The goal is to offer a squeeze page that people feel they could change without needing a graphics program.

    Anyway, I know at the end of the day it's about split and A/B testing but your feedback is really appreciated guys, thank you!


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    OK, thought I'd show a quick sample of how easy it is to change header text/colour.

    Using the "red" template, I just changed the colour and font style (in the header) in html in a few seconds so you guys can see how easy it is to manipulate text.

    Also, I agree that it's a little plain. I had looked at a lot of templates to hopefully bring together the best elements and tried to keep it simple enough whilst giving the template a nice crisp look. I tend to "over design" sometimes so I wanted to scale back to keep the focus on opting in.

    The header text, ie the "pre header" is an H1 tag and should be kept relatively short or it'll stretch underneath the arrow. I figure it's really there more for SEO if someone were to use SEO with their Squeeze. Some may not be concerned with SEO though. If one were to add a logo for example, then yes, it would require a little knowledge of CSS but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and let the page/content do the selling.

    Once again, ALL text on the page (except the text on the button) can be manipulated in html. I may change it so people can manipulate the text in the button but as a "freebie", it may be too much?? I was going to throw in a range of buttons, ie "Download Your Free Ebook" or "Yes, Send Me My Offer", etc. Maybe 5 buttons per colour?

    Also, I disabled Aweber from posting as I'm not quite ready and someone has already subscribed lol

    Anyway, I'll definitely test layouts/colours/etc.

    Thanks again for the feedback!
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      Most squeeze pages are so busy that they come across as plain silly. I like your design here... it's easy on the eyes and more over, it will convert! Simple is BETTER. So is it available yet ?

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        In response to your IM; I'm posting here as my feedback may help others, !

        I'm looking from the reader's point of view, not a marketer, which is the best angle IMHO.

        1. Blue - looks clean and easy to read / BEST Design overall! See comment #4.

        2. Blue video 1 works better than Blue video 2 because I don't need to scroll down.

        3. Red and Green together has an unattractive "holiday look" so it doesn't have mass appeal

        4. Call to action: "Yes, I want Free Access" works better than "Get Free Acess Now", the bolder yellow tone of "Yes, I want..." is also better

        I'm happy to help!

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    Thanks Anne!

    That's great feedback and pretty much what I felt as well. I suppose I should post some links or screenshots so your comments make sense to anyone else who may be wondering.

    I agree about the red/green, feels too "Christmas-y" so I'll probably change it back to either an orange-y colour or something. Maybe it's the colour green?? Either way, I wasn't digging that colour combo either lol. It could be the colour red itself, maybe too bright.

    Good point on the call to action text, I'll change that too!

    Thanks again, you've been very helpful!

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    Simple and easy on the eyes. I would make the top slogan stand out more.
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    Thanks N.G., I appreciate you taking the time to look

    So, you mean the text in the header?

    I figure maybe it's easier if I post some links. That way people don't have to fuss over copying/pasting the link.

    Latest version (though I'll probably tweak a little more)


    The text in the header (pre-headline?) uses Cufon and the templates come with about 21 different fonts so people can change colours, font styles, size, even add gradients to the font (but that may confuse people) so I figure I'd leave it to people but yeah, I can see having slightly larger/darker font in the header making a difference.

    Will change the text in the buttons too.

    Thanks guys!
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      Originally Posted by promo_guy View Post

      Thanks N.G., I appreciate you taking the time to look

      So, you mean the text in the header?
      Yes, the pre-headline. It's the first piece of text that people would see so I think it should be more prominent.

      Video examples
      I like the video page.

      The text in the header (pre-headline?) uses Cufon and the templates come with about 21 different fonts so people can change colours, font styles, size, even add gradients to the font (but that may confuse people) so I figure I'd leave it to people but yeah, I can see having slightly larger/darker font in the header making a difference.
      Have you considered using @font-face instead of Cufon? It's part of CSS and doesn't require flash or javascript.
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    Hey N.G.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    Yes, @font-face is probably a good idea. I definitely didn't want to use sIFR and I figured with Cufon you can still get SEO love (as well as use gradients, etc.) but @font-face sounds like it would load even faster. I like how fonts look with Cufon better (antialiasing?) but I'll seriously consider @font-face

    I'm going to do a little more tweaking of my templates. Mainly colours but also as Anne says, the big video requires you to scroll a bit...well, possibly a lot. I have a 21" monitor so I don't have to scroll but people with laptops would have to.

    You (N.G.) said you like the video page (thanks btw). I assume you have to scroll a bit on the big video page?

    I'll have to check these on my wife's laptop

    Btw, I test my templates out in all modern browsers including the nasty IE6 lol

    Turning out to be a lot of work for a "freebie" lol but, I'd rather people be happy with them than consider them "just another squeeze page", even though they are quite simple.

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone!

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    Made a few adjustments to the "big video" page and now I can see the vid, the optin form, the submit button, etc. on a small 15.5" laptop screen. I just can't see the very bottom paragraph or the footer links.

    Most people probably have bigger screens (ie 17" or bigger). Or, do you think the page should be even smaller?

    Once again, headline, video size, etc. are all SUPER easy to edit inside the html.
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    When I first landed on this page, it made me want to opt in to get those templates.

    At a minimum, you have me on board - that's 1 conversion!

    I'm looking for BETA testers for my software

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    Looks very good. Nice and simple layout. Colors are easy on the eyes and you should get some really good conversions, good luck.
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    Hi guys, thank you very much for taking the time to look and provide feedback!

    I was a little distracted today but my goal is to finish these templates tomorrow (finally! lol). I keep adding a few things here and there but don't want to get into "over design" mode. But, I think the little additions will make them even better.

    Anyway, I appreciate the comments, makes me feel I'm on the right track.


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    Hi all

    Just a quick mention, apparently I added back some elements to my aweber form on one of my examples and someone opted in. If that was you (andrew), please accept my apologies for not having the templates done yet. I'll send those to you asap as I should finish everything today at some point.

    I've disabled aweber again so this doesn't happen til they're ready

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    Hello promo_guy,

    I saw the picture on this post. Are you really giving away squeeze page templates? I know it's just a sample but are you really giving one? Just curious cause I'm thinking of creating my own or if not get a free squeze page.

    Btw the comments. This is very simple, NO flip flpos or anything, stright to the point. This wil lget a lot of opt-ins. Thanks for the idea! i love it!



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