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My site pr=2 has all pages indexed without the www version .
It is also ranking good for many urls.
Should I redirect naked domain to www one or should i redirect www version to naked one?
Or leave it as it is?
For which one should i build backlinks?
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    I think it's personal preference really. I like to redirect www to the naked one as you put it.
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    it is funny.
    how can it possible.
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    I thinks www or without www is same
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      Originally Posted by duythanh220391 View Post

      I thinks www or without www is same
      NO. It's not the same. There are sites that can't be access without WWW or with WWW. It's been puzzling Internet people eversince. but there are notions to permanently disregard WWW in the future for uniformity.
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    Because you already have URLs indexed without www, redirect www. to non-www. Build links to non-www.

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    www or without www are different websites.. as my point of view..
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    A domain without the www gets crawled by the search engine bots by default which may or may not benfit you

    I wouldn't change your URL structure if you already have links coming in even though you can redirect them. You may lose PR and SERPS
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    I always go without www
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    they both are different..
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    www. makes your URL 4 characters longer for no reason, and looks old fashioned.
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    www is a subdomain of the naked domain. Search engines treat the naked domain and subdomains as separate websites. So it is important to have your website accessible using just one URl, either with or without. Which one is up to you.
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      It's best for your site's visibility to live at just one URL, or web address. You'll want to create a 301 redirect to the URL you choose from the other URL.

      Choose one or the other

      Whichever of these URLs you choose, make sure your website lives ONLY at that location, which is called the canonical URL for your site.

      If you choose www.wdshare.com for your site, make sure people who don't type www can get to your site, too. Create a permanent 301 redirect from wdshare.com to www.wdshare.com

      If the same web page exists at two different URLs, people can choose to link to one or the other. Links from other sites to your website are valuable — they tell search engines that your site is important to people. By splitting valuable links between two identical pages, you're diluting the power of those links to help a page rank higher in search results.
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    I prefer using domains withour www...
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    Hello dear
    I don't know more about this. but I think that www is a world wide web means all over the world and without www means not world wide web its a own site.
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    Google views the www and the non-www versions of your URLs as two different websites so it is best to stick to just one version. For a discussion of how that impacts your website and what you can do about it, you can go to our URL Canonicalization lesson page.
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    Redirection will cause a little loss of page rank, so don't redirect existing pages.
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    how it is possible??
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    its the same, but be sure to use one method always, www or without it
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    both are different..
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    I prefer without one though
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      I've heard without is better for SEO purposes, whether that's entirely true or not i'm not sure. just a thought.
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