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Hello guys...

I've read many times about magazine theme(s) commonly used by users trying to submit Google News sites, and the excessive use of the same theme(s) has raised red flags for Google and caused frequent rejection for these sites.

Anyone knows which theme(s) is this (ese)?


A. Bary
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    I personally doubt very much that a wordpress theme would get you banned from Google News sites, but if your worried use a good wordpress theme framework like Thesis.

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      I'm actually using one of the themes apparently used and abused by many and am about to apply. But I've done things by the book, and then some, so I doubt they could refuse the site because of the template...but I'll keep you posted!
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    I am also looking for such a theme!
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    Look at it this way. If everyone who wants to be a Google News publisher uses the same theme, Google is going to notice that little footprint and wonder why this is happening. The WP-Advanced has been used to death and there was even mention of that fact on the Google News forum. Just for that reason alone, I wouldn't use that theme. There are many magazine style/news style themes without having to use the same old thing over and over. Be unique.
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    Ya.. This is true if lots of people using the same themes of sites Google considered them as sister sites and thus do not give much weight age in search engine..
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    Google News is a bit more flexible with legitimate news magazines. A legit magazine publishes less often but far higher quality articles that are more in depth.

    It is good if you are publishing about a really niche topic such as automated sorting machines for warehouses. Your audience isn't expecting daily articles but want to know what new machines have been introduced and the like. They also expect you to go into some detail.

    If you use a magazine theme and have 2 short articles per week about the stock market, you are unlikely to get approved.
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      There are paid courses that teach and even guarantee that if you follow their system you will have your site accepted by Google News, you will make gobs of moolah, and your life will be changed forever . . . zippidy do dah, what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine coming my way . . .

      These courses even go so far as to tell you exactly what site templates to buy; hence, there are some templates that get recommended for a Google News site. Personally, I think the template would be one of the last things Google would consider in their evaluation for acceptance.

      If you want a solid platform, a great magazine style template, and a robust news engine, look at the themes from StudioPress built on the Genesis engine like NewsPro, MagazinePro, LifestylePro, and MetroPro.

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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