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Hi Warriors,

What are H1 Title tags and H2 subtitle tags? Can we have more than one of each in a single page?
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    They are for titles and sub titles in your content, you can usually add them using your word processor or editor when adding your content and they look like <h1>your title</h1>.

    Best not to have more then one of each on a single page.

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    Technically, they're called header tags. The 1-6 just differentiates between how big they'll be. You can have as many as you'd like on a single page.

    If you're asking if it'd be wise for on-page SEO, I'd think not. Google tends to look at those as "important headings", so I'd advise against spamming them. It'd be kind of like having text at the bottom of your page full of keywords (like what people used to do back in the day). Google will see right through this.
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      Also just a tool when you are building a bit larger site, to use in your css when you want the same look in all your articles

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    Of course on a blog category page each article heading is equally important so they will all have the same heading tag.

    On other pages it makes more sense to have one h1 tag as that is the main heading. Multiple h2 tags should not be an issue as an article can have say 4 sub headings at the same level.
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    Erum makes a good point. Don't overdo it though - if it looks overdone & unnecessary, let's just say Google's robots won't look at it very favourably.
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Go with what Erum says.

    Your main keyword should have the H1 tag on it. Wordpress does this automatically with the title. Don't use H1 again or Google might get confused which keyword to rank your article for.

    For sub-headings, use H2 for each one.
    I have a Wordpress blog with all articles published on the homepage. When I viewed the page source, all the articles titles had h1 tags. No h2 tags were there.

    I want to change the structure of my site to have different pages. When I created a new page the title of the article held h2 tag and no h1 tags on that page.

    Should every page, including Home page, have both h1 and h2 tags in it?

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      H1 is useful, H2 or H3 not for SEO?
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        I have been led to believe that ALL tags are important to Google.

        I use H1, H2 and H3 on every page.
        1 of each, targeting my keywords, with a bit more on each so.

        H1 - Weight Loss Pills
        H2 - The Best Weight Loss Pills
        H3 - The Best Weight Loss Pills of 2011

        Or something similar.

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    Hi ! There are total 6 Heading tags available in HTML from <h1> to <h6>.
    At <h1> tag you will have small font and as you will going up increasing heading to h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 your font size and boldness will increase.
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