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I am trying to basically make a money funnel with some useful services to 1) keep people coming back and 2) give them a good reason to give me their precious email address.

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    Maybe consider a redesign on the site?

    First thing that came to my mind when the page loaded is 1) spam 2) leave right away

    Not trying to be mean (so please don't take this as an attack but take it as constructive criticism). I do wanna help and as per your post, you wanted an opinion.
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    I would also definitely consider redesigning the site. It does look a bit spammy and doesn't really grab you as to what the purpose of the site is. If it's to download youtube videos, that should be clear even in the graphics that appear on the site. I haven't checked to see if it actually works, but it is a cool idea. A redesign is definitely necessary though!

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    Thanks Guys, that is exactly the criticism I was looking for...

    What makes it seem spammy? The million affiliate links? The short content?

    I get the impression I should limit some of my ads and opps, but which ones? I sort of need an opp somewhere to actually make more than adsense money.

    @TheFreebieGuy: the app works great, except for certain large high quality videos.
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    OK, I cleaned it up quite a bit, and made the default page the only useful free app: www.mechanicalreview.com
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