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I'm experimenting with a couple of site options and was hoping to get some expert advice... I'm a web design noob so please don't go to hard on me for not knowing this!!

If I was to redirect a landing page to a sales page, would the spiders pick up the content on the landing page or would they only look at the final sales page? (or worse, neither and leave my page in SEO purgatory?)

How does this affect the use of things like banner ads, content driven networks, article linking, social bookmarking, etc...? I understand the benefits of trying to set up a squeeze page to capture the email of the visitor. But, I'm wondering if this is feasible in a case where that does not matter and I'm only trying to drive traffic to the sales page through various channels (like affiliate links or from multiple landing pages to a main sales page, for example).

For clarity using a hypothetical example... Site A is a sales page, Sites B,C & D are all landing pages. If I redirect B,C & D to A, will I get any SEO 'credit' for the content of B, C & D or am I stuck with direct linking and pay-per traffic to make them perform?

In short, I know I can buy PPC on pretty much anything in certain networks and that I can do the social bookmark and article marketing thing but... am I going to score any 'organic' points through SEO efforts on the redirected landing page and cast a wider net for where it can be marketed?

Any tricks of the trade or other scenarios / ideas are certainly welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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    Well first, SEO is a massive amount more effective if using the homepage! If you can use the homepage then best to use it without redirection!

    Make sure you redirect them correctly. Best to query google for the best redirection method. But yes, the spiders should see the redirection (301 is best) and just focus on the target page after redirection.

    Not too sure on the other points sorry. Anyone else?
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      That's very helpful... so I can still drive traffic to the landing page but I need to ensure that I'm doing so based on the redirect page and not the landing page - right?

      I will check out the requirements - the 301 is what I heard Google like best rather than just using a "REFRESH" function with a the forwarding URL... although I still don't understand why: do the search engines simply pick that up and penalize you for it? How do they discern between a time-based redirect (like a 5 second delay before going to another related page or domain - like misspells or special offer pages) and an affiliate link or redirection to a different landing page.

      I appreciate the help - I'm trying to learn how to do this the right way the first time around.

      Thanks, Ian.
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    Well the search engines are very smart! A 301 redirection basically says that it has moved perminantly so pass all references to the new location (link love etc). The 301 redirect gets round the problem of people trying to serve google with content while showing users another content. In theory, you could serve Google a page with lots of stuffed keywords and then serve normal users with a nice pretty page to converts. DON'T DO THIS, Google will shoot you in the head

    Are you split testing landing pages for conversion stats or something?
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      First, thanks for the Google tips... I know she's a fickle beast that can kill you if you don't play by her rules.

      Really, I'm just trying to increase exposure and reduce the necessary actions for a prospective buyer to hit the 'buy now' button. If I can have them from search result to 'buy now' in 1 or 2 clicks, I'm in good shape. The wider and deeper the net = more fish. We all know the dangers of giving impulsive online shoppers too much time to think.

      I was also considering using this for a client who has locations across the country that I would like to get into Google local searches all redirecting to the same site.

      Thanks again - you've been very helpful.
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    yes,you are absolutely right search engines are very smart and now it is going more updated well which page you want to target that page search engine will work for you
    well thanks for sharing us these information.
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    SEO is a long time project, and you should wait for the result for a long time, SEO need more patience

    So many PC Questions,
    Where can i get answers?

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      SEO needs long time to take good effect. Almost 6 months are required to a website to be get ranked in the Google.
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        You have to provide here very useful information on "Website Redirect and SEO" and Huge Description on Website Redirect and SEO include huge stuff related this and provide great guide to Understand.
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      I agree with the fact that SEO is a long-term proposition... I'm not expecting anything to get me on the first page of SE in a week. I'm just trying to figure out where efforts are best directed to build long-term and sustainable growth.
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