[Critique my Web App Site] Must all sites be a one-page salespage?

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Dear Warriors,

I would be very much appreciative if you can take the time to critique my web application/site, QuizFunnel (QuizFunnel - Increase your website's conversion rates and increase sales of your web business).

I would especially love to hear your critiques on:
  • Site design
  • Do you understand what the web app is all about?
  • Does it even MAKE ANY sense at all?
  • Will you even think of clicking on any of the links at the top of the page?
  • What do you think about the pricing?
A few months back, I told myself that I should give up on Internet Marketing. Well, I sorta did..but I just can't let go of entrepreneurship for various reasons.

Being quite a techie on internet technology, I decided to try my hand at running a web app business.

Many months later, here I am, trying to market this web app. Being inspired quite a bit by 37Signals, I designed my site and web app with many of their 'teachings' or 'beliefs'.

However, I found out something rather painful: my marketing skills isn't very...good.

My copywriting isn't good. I'm not even sure if my web design is good. The thing is, I approached this as a web app technopreneurship manner, and most web apps/websites I see do not feature a 'one-page salespage' kinda site that many internet marketers use.

Thing is, I don't know if this is hurting me as this web app would definitely be very useful for internet marketers.

Not sure if my web design approach and copywriting style being so different from "onepage salespages which has big headlines every few paragraphs and lotsa texts explaining what it is about and speaking from a very personal tone" is honestly causing me so much headache.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    First it looks ok I guess, you may want to write a little about it above the "Watch How QuizFunnel Works" Some people may not want to watch a video like myself unless I know a little more about it.

    I would explain your site in the greeting and make it for dummies, what I mean about that is when explaining things to the surfer, you need to hold his hand and walk him through it step by step, just because you know what you're talking don't mean others will. I maybe off track *shrugs* Design myself I don't worry about too much, yea if it looks good then good but you're trying to sell something so you need to make that top priority! From what I found by doing this myself in my type of business is you have to make it simple and to the point!

    It will do you no good to have a great looking website if the surfer leaves 3 seconds after he opens your website.. YOU NEED A POP A WOW FACTOR as soon as the site opens up! Hope that helps. Good luck.

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    Just had a quick look and I like the idea. The first thing I noticed though was that you had the plans and pricing section right at the top of the page - before anyone even has a chance to find out what the product actually does or why it might be worth what you are charging.

    If I were you, I would move the section that starts 'Boost Your Optin Rates And Sales Easily' to the very top of the page so people can see what the product does as soon as they land on your page. I would then have the 'Watch How Quiz-funnel' works section under this and the plans and pricing below that.

    I would also put quotation marks " " around the headline so it looks like:
    "Boost Your Optin Rates And Sales Easily..."

    I would also maybe test a few different versions of that headlines such as:
    "Boost Your Optins & Sales Overnight..."
    "Boost Your Optins & Sales Instantly..."
    "Who Else Wants To Increase Their Optin Rate, Overnight?!"

    You get the idea...
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    Thank you for the critique so far. I guess TomVa made a very good point: no point looking pretty if it doesn't sell!

    I guess I'll rework that page and so far, I still see that most people prefer a onepage salespage. Hmm.

    Thanks again!
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    I just noticed your signature. You could also try a headline along those lines...

    "Plug This Baby Into Your Landing Pages & Watch Your Optins SkyRocKet!"

    You need something to catch people's attention right away. At the moment your page doesn't do that. You need a good headline to stop people in their tracks and get them reading on.
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    Just came across your Quizfunnel site today - Nice!

    Andy :-))

    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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    For the design part, I think above the fold is fine. But features and benefits looks a bit cluttered and why don't you try pricing table for each plans?

    Just my 2 cents.
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      You're doing a lot better than I am with the marketing part
      . I've got the same problem - not knowing what goes where - how do you make something that works?

      So can I use those on these Facebook apps? Funny Storyteller on Facebook | Facebook LoveClaw Lovers Page on Facebook | Facebook

      I just made those up as I went along - all just for demo purposes - I'm not selling anything. What do you think? Can users add the quiz or poll to a TAB on their page to get more people to respond? The more places the quiz is running, the better the response rate.

      Let me know - I like that Lifetime Membership much better than Monthly.

      Ooops! I just realized this is from 12/2010 - not 2011 - Oh well, the quiz funnel site should look good by now!!

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    I like to think of the first part of a page such as this as a billboard. You have a chance to grab the viewer's attention quickly with a single coherent high impact design that fills their browser window and is viewed all at once. Use that space to create a high impact visual pitch for your product, and leave the more informative bits further down the page. If you catch their interest they will scroll down to see what else is there. Generally using all of this space effectively is a very good approach. There shouldn't be any important elements getting visually cut off on the bottom (unless your viewer has a very low resolution screen or a billion toolbars). If you can fit everything neccessary in this space without crowding it or leaving out anything important, great. Preloading this whole section is a good idea too to insure that it is delivered as a single punch rather than random bits loading individually.
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