Annoying WP issue I cannot fix please help

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I have this site and I only want one thing in my side bar a count down timer. but I also have the archives and Meta data appearing.

The widget area only shows that i have the count down installed yet I cannot get rif of archives and META..... I think I am going NUTS

here is the site

I hope someone can help
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    Usually you have the option of removing it, you may be using a theme that has it hard coded into the template, if that is the case, (it should not be) but if it is you can manually remove it, but I would consider perhaps a different theme, one that is updated to the newer 3.0x options, the system, is much nicer and very much better for SEO,

    Personally I like Genesis, but there are also several others that are good as well.
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    I don't use the WordPress themes, I use the Socrates Wordpress theme.

    When you drag and dropped your text box to be include on side bar (for your countdown box), you should be able to drag and drop the archives and meta box into an unused area to remove them for the side bar.

    They may be built into the theme you are using. You could go to the WordPress forum and post a thread there, someone may be able to help you there.
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    It looks like a theme built using Artisteer. If it is, you should have different widget areas. Did you place the countdown timer in the secondary widget area? If you did, place it in the primary widget area.
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    Looks like the countdown is in the secondary widget and the other stuff is in your primary widget area.

    Just go to your widgets options and add a blank text box or a widget you actually want to your primary widget area.
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    I don't know much about technical stuff. But I like your website's concept. I mean, a life diary, a NEW life with a partner diary.. It sounds cool.. I'd like to see some stuff tho in the how he proposed section
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    Thanks everyone..... It seems if I have nothing in my Primary widget area it defaults to search Archive and Meta Data ..... As soon as I put in the widget in the primary area it was the only one.

    Thanks again You really helped me sort that out quicker than I would have
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