FINALLY! we are live, check it, feedback?

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after months of planning, changes, and money, we are LIVE. ready to launch on 1-11-11. any ideas or feedback or input, much appreciated. thanks! NOW I just have to promote and market it and get visitors. not even sure where to start!:confused:

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    One quick thing for users and search engines: fix your title from 'index'

    Good luck!
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    Looks great to me - Congrats!
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      Originally Posted by somacorellc View Post

      I swear I saw this same thread like 15 minutes ago in the main forum...

      Change your TITLE tag on your HTML
      Hi, I like it!

      Put an html description & keywords meta tag to your code. For sure change the title also put a title meta tag to your code too.
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    I think you need more buy now links, at least 2 more somewhere up in the sales page. This way one has to scroll to the bottom in order to make purchase.
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    Like they said, fix the title tag, add keywords and meta descriptions.

    As for design of the site. Honestly, I think it is too spamming. I just don't like sites like these. You actually have done it better than most people though, so good job on that. I think it give more legitimacy to have a full site with contact information.
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    homepage is way to loooong...

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    First, let me congrats for your thrilling e-book on short sales. I found your website with a nice sale letter and graphics. The index page looks too long and I doubt the reader may be irritated on reading all the stories. Best of luck.

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    thanks everyone, but now something is wrong??!! its asking for a user name and password when the item is purchased? this sucks!!!
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    A nice index, but I think it would be better if you didnt use paint..

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    I agree that the paint images make the site look a little bit spammy. Small details like that can make a page lose credibility with readers.

    Why not give the readers multiple chances to purchase your product? Instead of having to scroll all the way down to the bottom, place 1 or 2 more "buy now" style links in your text. You can follow them with text like, "Still not convinced?"

    Nice job overall.
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      The page is way to long. Why not use thumbnails of the images with a lightbox popup. I think the images serve a great purpose, but the pages is to overwhelming.

      The headers look nice but there is no need to use images for text. The page will load much faster without the more images. CSS3 can create some amazing text affect for you. and with a jquery plugin the affects can be replicated in IE6-8.

      This page has a very infomercial feel to it, or spamming as others have mentioned. That is a design issue. I would consult with a couple designers on and get their take on it and what you should do.

      Also, I would also suggest FiveSecondTest (google it, sry) and see what the usability experts have to say.

      Good luck with your business!


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        cool, thanks so much for the valuble insight and feedback!
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